Musical Mondays – I AM KLOOT

I heard some new music while at a coffee shop last week with a couple of girlfriends.  As we sat in the cozy room on espresso-colored leather chairs, warmed by an electric fireplace, I couldn’t help listening to the melodic lyrics of a male voice through the sound system.

Per my last Musical Mondays’ post, I don’t write with music playing because I get distracted by it—love listening to the lyrics, love singing along, love creating fantasies from songs, so even though I was conversing with friends, I was also desperately wondering who the singer was, who he sounded like, whether I detected a slight accent.

When we got up to leave, I asked the cashier for the name of the band, and she told me they were called  I AM KLOOT.  I’d never heard of them. They’re a trio from Manchester, England, and the singer’s voice reminded me of a cross between Damien Rice  and Liam Gallagher of OASIS; however, less sullen than Rice and with more texture than Gallagher.

At a time when Christmas music overtakes the airwaves, I AM KLOOT is an unexpected and welcome discovery.

Have a listen to “Proof” featuring the poignant expressions of English actor Christopher Eccleston. I found the song seductively haunting, and I defy you not to smile at the end.

Stay sexy,




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6 responses to “Musical Mondays – I AM KLOOT

  1. Terry Sulley

    I am listiening to everything “I am Kloot”. Love it.


  2. I’ve never heard of them either….They are pretty good…


  3. Bonnie

    Very nice…thanks for sharing.


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