Musical Mondays – Johnny Cash

It’s still Marvelous Male Month, and is there a more quintessential male musician than “The Man in Black?”

There were so many great songs to choose from. Some of my favorites:

“The Man Comes Around”

“Folsom Prison Blues”

“A Boy Named Sue”

In the end, I chose the hit from American IV, the final Cash album released during his lifetime. A cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, “Hurt,” embodied his musicianship to the very end—weathered face, broken body,  gnarled hands. He couldn’t be more real…and more beautiful.





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7 responses to “Musical Mondays – Johnny Cash

  1. Johnny Cash was a true original. He had such a distinctive voice. I like a number of his songs as well.

    Nice choice Eden!


  2. Love that album. That song is great–video haunting.


  3. I think his music will be talked about for many years to come…


  4. Yes! Another great choice Eden.

    I love his cover of Hurt and Ring of Fire is one of my most favorite songs.


  5. Eden Baylee

    Thanks all for stopping by to comment on Johnny Cash. He was really an original.


  6. Cindy LaBrash

    Johnny Cash is a legend. He will live on forever. His voice is one of a kind. I love many of his songs. It was interesting to learn he proposed to June in Toronto.


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