Musical Mondays – Miles Davis

Summer officially begins tomorrow, and I bring you, yet another version of “Summertime.” This man needs no introduction.

Enjoy and stay sexy,



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15 responses to “Musical Mondays – Miles Davis

  1. Allen

    Gotta say I don’t remember hearing this song before. Sweet. Will have to find this on CD. How is it that our music taste are so similar?


  2. I ADORE this song. As a surprise for me on HER wedding day, my daughter arrange a string quartet to play it as she walked down the aisle. She used to play it for me on her clarinet on a summer’s night. Magic.

    Thanks for making my Monday a bright one, Eden. X


  3. Larry Enright

    Great man. Plays from the heart…


  4. Eden, you have such awesome taste in music. I always look forward to your Musical Mondays.


  5. Oh this is such an amazing song..Thank you for posting this today…


  6. Draven Ames

    Summertime is a great time of the year. Love the music and the art in the background.

    Draven Ames


  7. Just started following you recently. Have never heard this Miles Davis arrangement of Summertime. Eden, it absolutely kicks. Thanks for posting it.




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