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Draven Ames is an author who writes in the horror genre. We’ve crossed paths over the blogosphere and social networks, and I’ve grown very fond of his support, kind words of encouragement, and writing style. Earlier this month, he invited me to write a horror story for his blog, and today, I’m happy to return the favor and ask him to write something for mine.

Please welcome the talented, Draven Ames, and enjoy his heartwarming post about summer—on this first day of summer.


*  *  *  *

I love summertime with my children. They get to have friends over and go swimming nearly every single day. All the neighborhood children like to hang out, playing games with them as the parents ask how we deal with so many. The answer is simple.

We get to create memories with our kids.

Everyone tells their friends about the great time they had at the lake, or the time they had a big birthday party. Everyone remembers their best summer ever. We just try to make sure that their favorite summer happens every year. Each new spring comes just before a new chance to one-up ourselves from the previous year.

The kids love it. They are down at the pool like fish. They create friendships that will last them until they are our age. They are building their lives right now and we, as authors, have a chance to co-write those chapters.

And with all these new friendships, they aren’t trying so hard at school to create popularity. We are hoping all this playing, having their friends over a lot, will help keep them away from the drugs that are so rampant in Portland. There is an 80% poverty rate at their school, and we have met our share of druggy parents. A lot of kids have it pretty bad and can use the fun in their summer, away from the drama they have at home.

Children are our legacy. They are so much more than the books we write for immortality.

So that is what our summer is like here. Needless to say, there is a lot less writing going on.

*  *  *  *

Draven Ames is a full-time Dad and ex-paratrooper.

His yet to be published, supernatural, horror novel, Bullets ‘Til Midnight received an excellent advance review from Look for more from this incredible author in the near future.

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Draven would love to hear from you!

What do you do for summer? What are your plans? Do you fish, camp or go to concerts? What is your favorite time of the year and why? What is your legacy?


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9 responses to “Guest Blogger – Draven Ames

  1. Draven, the world needs more Dad’s like you.


  2. Draven, it is heartening to read of a family having fun in the summer. We did much the same when ours were younger. They had excellent grades in school and have a great outlook on life as adults. I cringe when I see children sitting in front of tv all day.

    Here in Cyprus the children work the vineyards with their families. They run free and the laughter is wonderful to hear.

    Enjoy your summer and keep making those memories.

    Thanks for sharing Draven with us, Eden. Another great post.


  3. Draven Ames

    Thanks for reading, Darcia and Glynis. Summertime is such a waste for so many people, these days. Today is finally a warm day, so I am looking forward to watching my kids swim and play in the sunshine. Have a great summer, and thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks to Eden, too.

    Draven Ames


  4. Darcia and Glynis, thanks for coming by to support and read Draven’s post.



  5. You sound like an amazing dad…. Growing up I loved to spend time with my dad..Still do..Those are the best times..


  6. Draven Ames

    Thank you Savannah. I hope I didn’t come across as speaking mostly about myself. I meant that we all have the power to write the chapters in our kids lives.

    The favorite times I can remember were put together by my parents as well. Thanks for stopping by to read and I hope you have a great summer.


  7. Hi Draven. It’s easy as an adult to forget that magic is being woven in the heads of children during the Summer. I’m English and in England the question is often not “What kind of Summer will I have?” but “Will Summer actually happen this year?” Over here there are many days in August that are indistinguishable from days in November apart from the time the sun rises and sets. So when there is a good Summer, it is doubly powerful.
    My favourite Summer was 1979. It was sunny and we all had skateboards.
    Thanks for the little burst of sunshine


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