Chatting with Casey Ryan of the “Cutting Room Floor”

Tomorrow, July 10th, I’ll be on a talk radio podcast at 12 PM EST called the CUTTING ROOM FLOOR.

The show is hosted by CASEY RYAN, a Montreal native (Yay, my hometown!) whom I was fortunate to connect with after he interviewed author friend, Jason McIntyre. You can listen to Jason’s interview HERE from May 21, 2011.

Although The Cutting Room Floor has built its reputation on interviewing filmmakers and entertainers, Casey is definitely branching out to the indie author community, which is very fortunate for authors indeed!

Casey considers himself a pop-culture addict, and his enthusiasm and knowledge come across in his interviews. He’s extremely diligent and generous with his guests.

Casey was recently interviewed himself by independent blogger, John Hoff III and at The Farthest Reaches. You can also find him on Twitter.  Learn more about this fascinating man behind the show.

I look forward to speaking with Casey about my book, Fall into Winter, and I hope you’ll be able to join us. Feel free to ask questions. 😉

Stay sexy,


Access the show here.


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8 responses to “Chatting with Casey Ryan of the “Cutting Room Floor”

  1. You will be amazing…Good luck with the interview….


  2. I will certainly try to catch the interview tomorrow. looking forward also to reading some of your work.


  3. Excellent! I shall definitely be listening to your foxy voice! 🙂


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