Musical Mondays – Bee Gees

The theme of “night” continues on my blog. I’ve loved the Bee Gees long before Saturday Night Fever ever came out, and I’ve replayed the soundtrack hundreds of times. Relive your disco youth with “Night Fever.”

Enjoy, stay sexy,



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8 responses to “Musical Mondays – Bee Gees

  1. How can you not love Bee Gees? I grew up on this stuff..My parents use to play it..Still do..


  2. I make no apologies about liking the Bee Gees. Good on you, Eden!


  3. OMG! I love the dance they’re doing in the video. Hey, Reena… can you dance? Oh boy can I! Take me to the clubs and you might just find me doing that finger pointing thing. Oh yeah!


  4. One of the best songs ever.thanks for starting my day on a good beat.


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