Announcement: Book Signing in Montreal – Aug. 5th

As many of you already know, I’m now in Montreal, my hometown. I’m here to visit my mother which I always do in the summer, and this year, I’ve taken the opportunity to arrange a book signing as well.

Odyssey Books  is hosting the event.  I love bookstores, especially independently owned ones, and Odyssey has been around since 1986. Its proprietors are Marie-Claire Baillargeon and Bernard Wolf. I’m really looking forward to meeting them both.  Visit and LIKE their Facebook page, won’t you?

Hope to see you on Friday,



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13 responses to “Announcement: Book Signing in Montreal – Aug. 5th

  1. Have a great time Eden! Wish I could be there. I will visit more of your country one day..



  2. I wish I was there, Eden. If I buy another book will you sign it? I’m crushed you didn’t win the cage match– but I know you are taking it in stride.

    I hope you sell many books at the signing!


  3. I would drive up from Maine, but the Canadian Border Patrol has strict orders to prevent me from setting foot on Canadian soil. Seems they know all about the time when I was 12 and I put a Canadian coin on the tracks for a train to flatten. Ottawa is quite touchy about it’s legal tender.

    Hope the signing is a smash success, though!


    • You know, Tim, I’ve heard some wild excuses for why people can’t make it, but this one takes the cake!

      I guess I’ll have to meet you when I come to Maine for your launch of George in London…hurry up for god’s sake!

      Thx for your good wishes,


  4. Bon voyage! I have heard Montreal is a fantastic city and a very creative place to be. Good luck with your book signing.


  5. A book signing! Yay! Have a blast!

    j. //


  6. good need you will do great.. have a great booksigning ..have fun in Montreal..:)) Love Laura Novak


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