Montreal Book Signing, Remembrance, and Thanks

I’m on a train headed back to Toronto as I write this.

I had my book signing in Montreal a couple of days ago.  The next day, I paid respects to my  father and his father at Mount Royal Cemetery.

My grandfather was a carpenter who inspired strength of body and mind. He taught me to wield a hammer and use power tools before the age of ten. It didn’t matter that I was a girl. My dad taught me many things, and one of the most important: humility—a quality I hold close to my heart.

They helped shape the woman I am today, and it’s a sad reminder they are gone when I can no longer share the milestones of my life with them.

One man, however, who is not gone is Mr. Joe Hackett, aka Jersey Joe, aka Tyrunn. He was my high school teacher for whom I wrote my first erotic story. Joe came to my book signing with a copy of Fall into Winter in hand—and his written critique in the margins. He even graded each of my stories! I have great respect for Joe’s opinion both as a teacher and a man, and I couldn’t have wished for a better response from him. Thank you, Mr. Hackett, (one of these days you’ll just be “Joe”) for always being you. Even when I was fifteen, I knew you were special.

Big thanks to Marie-Claire and Bernard for opening your store and hearts to me. Visit Odyssey Books the next time you’re in Montréal—it’s a true landmark.

Merci à Isabelle Maher  for your article about me in Le Journal de Montréal, and my friend, Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun for making the introduction.  Also, my gratitude to Hotel Gault and its staff. I have stayed in many places in Montréal, but this was by far, the best service I’ve ever encountered. It’s a lovely home away from home.  

I was thrilled that Casey Ryan was able to come to my signing. He’s the talented podcaster behind The Cutting Room Floor who interviewed me back in July. So great to finally meet you!

To my friends—old and new, your presence meant the world to me. And last, but not least, a special hug to my mother who came and bought a copy of my book.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approx. 40 photos courtesy of John B.

Find a video of the event here.


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16 responses to “Montreal Book Signing, Remembrance, and Thanks

  1. wonderful slide show, Eden! I also lost my father who wanted to be a writer and never had the courage–but passed that courage on to me. I miss him despite our differences–and he always gets a dedication.



  2. Fab pictures Eden! And those shoes are hot – love em!!


  3. Wonderful tribute to the men in your life. A child who repects her family will always be respected by others! I really enjoyed seeing you smile! And BTW I didn’t even notice the shoes, lol. You are a beautiful women, a great talent and supporter of your guild. Good friend as well.


  4. Eden, sounds like you had a great time and moments of contemplation and remembrance. I loved hearing about your teacher coming to see you with notes in the margin of your book. What a great guy. Glad you got to see your mom too.

    The pictures were great and certainly lit up the words in your blog post and drew us all in. Thank you for sharing them.

    Glad all went well,



  5. Gosh, girl, you look sooo happy in those pics. A grand day!

    j. //


  6. What an awesome adventure and tribute. I love the slideshow.


  7. Larry Enright

    It looks like you had a great time! You never said what grade Jersey Joe gave you or is that not for prime time?


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