Update to Spring into Summer

During the time I was writing my first book, I was not connected to Twitter, did not have a blog, and was on Facebook only to play on-line Scrabble. Within ten months of quitting my job to write full-time, I had published Fall into Winter — my anthology of erotic novellas. That was February 2011.

The wheels have spun more slowly since then. My first post last November recounted the frustration of setting up my blog and was entitled “Patience is a Virtue.”  Patience is something I have little of. I’ve had my second anthology written for some time, but I’ve been editing it—slowly. I hate editing, and I revise numerous times prior to giving it to a professional. I’m like the homemaker who cleans my house before I hire a maid to really clean it. It’s a sickness — I know.

* * * *

I also know I did things slightly backwards with my first book. I built my author platform after my book got released. Knowing that meaningful relationships don’t spring up overnight, I’ve taken time to connect with people whom I consider allies. Bonding with them has helped me to become a better writer, to market myself strategically, and to develop close friendships that are more than just about the business of writing and selling books.

* * * *

It’s no coincidence I’ve chosen “patience” as my theme for this month. As much as I’d like to jump in and launch my second book by year-end—I’m not going to. It’s not the right time, and there’s no urgency except for my own impatience. My first book came out in time for Valentine’s Day which was wonderful—erotica in February made sense. Spring into Summer released at Christmas? Not so much, especially for a Canadian girl accustomed to snow, not sand in December.

* * * *

I’d like to share some final thoughts with those who’ve read Fall into Winter and told me they’re anxiously awaiting my next book. I cannot begin to tell you how encouraging your words are, and I firmly believe you can never say “thank you” often enough, so… thank you from the bottom of my  ♥  for your continued support. It makes my life as a writer truly worthwhile. 


Look for Spring into Summer in early 2012


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39 responses to “Update to Spring into Summer

  1. Carol Romanella

    That’s our gal, isn’t she fabulous?


  2. Mae

    I read Fall into Winter and I will wait patiently for the release of Spring into Sommer! You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. I am rooting for you!


  3. *hugs* You are an amazing woman and writer and it’s my honor to call you “friend”.

    Cream always rises to the top, lovey. You’re smart, sassy, and your audience will be here when you’re ready.


  4. It’s truly amazing where this journey takes us–and the people we meet along the way who can help us as we help them. Like Netta, I’m so honored to call you a friend–your support and kindness is a shining light in my life–and I’m here for you whenever you need me.

    And YES PLEASE the next book!


  5. Sweet Eden. You have won friends all over the world not only from your writing but just being you. I’ve met many fine people in the social media but you are at the top of the list of people I learn from and enjoy. Kindness, patience, true support and so much inner beauty are but a few of you qualities!

    Take your time– books don’t have expiration dates and doing it right is much more important than getting it out there.

    I agree with you about editing. I call it my job. Writing, my love. But it is so important and will add to your following by producing a work of quality. I will wait and enjoy Spring Into Summer!


  6. Beth

    Better to have the patience to create a great book and release it at the right time. Patience is something we can all use more of.

    Look forward to it when it comes out!


  7. How very exciting! I can’t wait for Spring into Summer!


  8. Jenny

    I’ll just have to reread Fall into Winter for the umpteenth time until your new book comes out!


    • Ha! Jenny, that’s so sweet, thank you. I’ll be posting more short stories as well, and I have some joint writing ventures, so you’ll be able to read more of my stories before S into S comes out!


  9. Cathy

    You can’t rush writing something well, and I agree that timing accounts for a lot. Marketing a book to come out at the right time is very important, and I applaud you for being patient.


  10. Valentine’s Day again, Eden!!!! An early jump on spring!!


  11. It is good to consider the season. However I wonder if Valentine’s is ideal launch time too! If you get to release each Valentine’s then your readers will look for you during that time period. Spring is just around the corner to give them that cosy feeling. 🙂


  12. L.M. Stull

    Oh, Eden, I feel your pain. I. Hating. Editing. Too. This is one of the many reasons we get along, I’m sure! ha. Marketing most definitely takes time. Everyone is hounding me for my book and in the beginning it stressed me out, and then I realized when I’m done and it’s ready… it will be available. There are no rules – only the ones I myself make up. And to be honest, I’m so pleased I haven’t rushed myself. It is my hope that my book will finally be available for public consumption (hopefully by month’s end).

    So, Eden, you take as much time as you need. Regardless of whether your book is published in December or five years from now – you can be sure I’ll be waiting in line for it.



  13. L.M. Stull

    As you can tell from my previous comment. I also don’t edit my blog comments. “I. Hating.” <— I really am something.. lol


    • LM, I love your attitude. As I’m sure it is for you too, it’s all about the quality of the book. You are one person who definitely exemplifies that in your writing, and I wouldn’t expect any less from you for your debut novel.

      As for comments and emails, errors are acceptable! If we had to reread and edit everything we wrote or said everywhere, we’d never get a thing done!

      Absolutely can’t wait for Thirty Something Girl!

      Luv ya,


  14. Woot! Woot! and a double WOOOOT! I can’t wait, Eden. I’ve been impatiently awaiting Spring since I fell into Winter. 😉




  15. I am soooooooo looking forward to Spring into Summer.
    Patience is a virtue I don’t have. I guess waiting for your new book will help me exercise that virtue. Either that, or I’ll end up pulling out my hair because of my impatience.


  16. You know I’m not a regular erotica read, my dear. But I’ve read FiW three times cover to cover. We’ll wait for as long as you need us to.



  17. Guess we’ll just have to be patient, as in a teacher ‘patiently’ waiting for that long overdue assignment and debating whether or not to deduct marks when it finally gets done. Hmmmmm . . . .


  18. Sweet Eden: I love that you are open to sharing on such a personal level. I l had to laugh at your description about how you handle the editing process, because it could have been me talking. People keep saying when are you going to finish editing your script, and I usually giggle and say when I’m done. Writing is like fine wine, it takes time. As for the second release, as much as I loved the wee elf hat on the sand, I must agree. Springtime is the right time. Hopefully by then, I will no longer be a “starving artist” and I will be able to buy BOTH of your books! As for having the pleasure of being your friend here in Twitterville, I am not only honored but richly blessed. Much love to you from The Fey Queen.


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