Musical Mondays – Christine Wu

I first connected with Christine Wu on Twitter. She’s a composer, producer, musician, and a former tenured member of the Houston Symphony. Currently, she plays violin and cello with the L.A. Strings. Amongst a long list of other projects, she also collaborates with composers doing strings for film, television, trailers and jingles. At first, I couldn’t help but be attracted to her breathtaking beauty, but then I heard her play ….

Wow! She’s a powerhouse and she looks amazing on stage.

Her video of “Beirut” does not show her performance, but you can check her out on Youtube for other videos and visit her website to listen to her music. She’s been all over the world playing with many of the big names in music today.

I feel fortunate to call her a friend and think she’s one of the loveliest people I’ve connected with on Twitter. If you enjoy excellent music and are inspired by talent, then you MUST follow this lady—she is absolutely fantastic!

Listen to “Beirut” performed with DJ Randall Jones. It’s intense, seductive, and gets your heart racing—the perfect way to start off the week.

You can connect with Christine on her website , Twitter  and Facebook.




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9 responses to “Musical Mondays – Christine Wu

  1. Eden. Do you know everyone? I think you do. Christine Wu is amazing and a very friendly person when you can slow her down to tweet from time to time. All that talent packed in a beautiful person. And… and there is something about a pretty lady playing a cello, lol.

    She truly is a great musician and composer.


  2. Wow, stunning lady and such an enviable talent. Thanks for sharing, Eden.


  3. Agree with Dannie an Glynis above, what an amazing talent and beautiful person Christine is! I’ll definitely sign her up on Twitter and elsewhere, and check out her wonderful work.

    Thanks for sharing, Eden. Keep such fabulous introductions coming!


  4. Wow! She is as beautiful as the music she makes.


  5. May

    Fantastic playing, nice to find out about Christine on your blog, Eden.


  6. Glynis, Junying, Lisa and May — appreciate your kind words here for Christine.



  7. Lance

    The music flows out of her so naturally. A real talent. Good interview, good artists, good job…Eden & Christine


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