I’m on the Short List for the 2012 Farthest Reach Award!

I knew one day it would come in handy to be 5’2″!

Actually, being short had nothing to do with this award. 😉

The 2012 Farthest Reach Award is for individuals, groups or teams who have made outstanding contributions to the sector of book marketing and publishing.

The award is the brainchild of author, Jason McIntyre, and along with his esteemed Decision Committee, they have recognized me with four others to be worthy of this award.

Please take the time to see who else is on this shortlist.  You will then understand why I am so humbled to be among them.



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31 responses to “I’m on the Short List for the 2012 Farthest Reach Award!

  1. Truly happy for you, Eden. It’s a great honor and you are worth it, absolutely! You do authors proud 🙂


  2. eden, this is fabolous and richly deserved – you’re my marketing guru!



  3. Karin

    Congrats to you!!!


  4. Congrats. Persistence and hard work pay off. Writing well, too.



  5. You are amazing and deserve to not only be nominated, but to win. With everything you do to promote the writing community and so many writers in your incredibly generous way, I can’t think of a more perfect awardee! Congratulations and bravo!


  6. Congratulations on your nomination. You are most assuredly in awesome company. Good luck.




  7. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! YAY!! I am so happy for you, Eden!



  8. Carol Romanella

    Congrats and you’re always no. 1 on my shortlist!!!


  9. Mary Louise

    Way to go Eden. Congratulations!


  10. You’ve always been on my short list, Eden. I just love short women with long dark hair.

    I really do, but being selected by Jason and the committee of esteemed authors is just what your deserve! And for all the right reasons. You’ve done much for your peers and anyone who needs a helping hand, kind word or a pat on the back.

    I am so excited for you!


  11. Massive congratulations from one shorty to another! X


  12. Congrats, congrats, congrats, Eden!

    What you may lack in height, you make up for…in everything else.


    j. //


    • Jason! Thanks so much for doing this, and I’m thrilled to be in this shortlist. I know it’s been a lot of hard work for everyone to whittle down the nominations, so I’m really honored to be a part of it.

      Thanks again.


  13. That’s excellent! Congratulations Eden!!! A well deserved honor.


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