The Farthest Reach Award – Winner Announced

A short time ago, I announced I was nominated for The Farthest Reach Award, an award celebrating outstanding contribution to the sector of book marketing and publishing.

The winner was announced today, and it was awarded to The Indie Book Collective.

I’m very honored to have been included in this elite shortlist, and would like to personally thank everyone who took time to vote, with special thanks to the esteemed Decision Committee, led by the award’s creator, author Jason McIntyre.

Congratulations to the Indie Book Collective on a very well-deserved win!



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4 responses to “The Farthest Reach Award – Winner Announced

  1. Eden, I wholeheartedly applaud the generosity of your praise for the winner! You are in my humble opinion a very worthy short-lister, for many reasons, which I can only touch on here. For one thing, you make so much time to engage, truly engage with people in a genuine way; and I speak from personal experience; but I can see you doing it with so many others. I notice, on the other hand, many writers trying to sell their books who ‘engage’ with their potential readership and potential sources of promotion (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), but who do so on a very shallow level e.g. one line comments in blogs along with any number of automated and semi-automated processes (I’m fully aware that I could be treading on corns here <:-|, so forgive me for my bluntness). The temptation, these days, it seems to me is to use every available marketing trick in the book (including software driven utilities) to try and get as much fame, following and fortune in as short a time as possible. I can understand this temptation, and why not, I hear some say. I think the genuinely talented writers are aware that you have to be in this for the long haul. Stamina and a longer term strategic vision is the stuff of well founded success; organic growth of reputation should therefore be the only way. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway well done!


    • John, your response had me in tears.
      It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, and I’m still recovering from some silly bug, so your words meant the world. Thank you.
      You are certainly correct in that writing as a career is by no means a sprint – it’s a marathon, and I am fortunate to have met up with some wonderful people and writers along the way. I include you high on that list. Considering the way we met, I think it makes it even more meaningful for me. *sniff*
      Thank you again for your kind words.


  2. Eden you are truly amazing and to me you are always a winner…


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