Musical Mondays – AC/DC -Thunderstruck!

I just love these guys and Angus Young kills me in his schoolboy uniform. If this song doesn’t get you going, better check if you still have a pulse,



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14 responses to “Musical Mondays – AC/DC -Thunderstruck!

  1. Lance

    i’m starting my morning at the gym. This is perfect. Thanks for being there for me Eden …..and Angus


  2. Another fantastic choice…


  3. Yes! Rock in that Monday!


  4. yesssssss for those about to rock on Monday morning! we salute you!


  5. Awesome way to start my day, eden. Thank you! I love, Angus. We both have PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome), too!. 😉


  6. What a pity – it’s not available in my country 🙂


  7. One of my older brothers was into that kind of music back in the day….


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