Musical Mondays – Republica – Ready to Go

Monday – another week. Are you ready to go?



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11 responses to “Musical Mondays – Republica – Ready to Go

  1. Lance

    perfect for this morning…one of my guilty pleasures and i need it today..

    Happy Monday, E


  2. Yoooo, I’m ready to go! This song screams of driving somewhere fast; going places; moving on. Gets you going. It seems this wasn’t on Republica’s debut album, although became well known on later albums.


  3. justinbog

    The singer and styling (minus some obvious Brit pronunciations) reminds me so much of Patty Smyth from her Scandal days a long time ago now. The bouncing around in Goodbye To You, the color red, the hair, the attitude. Thanks for the introduction.


  4. I love this song..It has always been a fave…


  5. Great song pick for :Musical Mondays” eden! I need to play this every morning, before I start writing… 😉


  6. PS
    Note to self: proof — before — posting! ;-):


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