Guest Blogging at A Writer’s Life – Home of Justin Bog

I love when I meet a writer who is passionate about both writing and music.

Justin Bogdanovitch, (writing as Justin Bog) is a wonderful man I met through social media. He has an excellent, interactive blog where he writes about books, films, and his huge family of furry friends. I’ve had the pleasure of reading about his dogs, Zippy and Kipling; his cats, Ajax the Gray and Eartha Kitt’n (love that name!); and the full array of animals on his property in the San Juan Islands.

When Justin asked if I would write a post about music, highlighting ten albums that help me create — I was, of course, more than happy to do it.

He’s an incredibly gifted writer with his first short story collection: Sandcastle and Other Stories releasing shortly. His first novel, a psychological family drama, Wake Me Up is due later this year.

You can read my post My Favorite Top Ten Albums That Help Me Create List on Justin Bog – A Writer’s Life.

Hope you enjoy,

Justin with Zippy

Justin provides commentary and recommendations in Pop Culture as the Senior Contributor and Editor at In Classic Style.

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12 responses to “Guest Blogging at A Writer’s Life – Home of Justin Bog

  1. How funny that you feature him on your site today and just a few hours ago I connected with him on Goodreads.


  2. justinbog

    Eden, I really appreciate you taking the time to come up with your fantastic list of muse music. I have to have music on in the background daily. What fun.


  3. R. Jeffreys

    Justin has excellent picks for music on his blog post. Jeff Beck’s, “Beckology” and Joni Mitchell’s, “Blue” are two of my all-time favorites. If not for music, my own Muse would be silent. Best of luck to Justin with his new book releases this year.
    Great post, too, eden!


    • Hi Jeff, actually I was a guest on Justin’s blog, and those were my favorite picks. Thanks for hopping over though, and appreciate your comment 😉 eden


      • justinbog

        Thank you, R., for your kind words (and I will need more luck in the indie publishing pond so I’m grateful for any gift) . . . and, yes, the new creative drive List is all Eden . . . all the time. I have a separate music muse List on my blog from way back in November in the same format and only Pink Floyd makes both of our combined lists but for Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall (both are iconic). Take care.


  4. R. Jeffreys

    Oops! I missed that, eden. Well, at least I know we share similar tastes in great music.

    You’re most welcome, Justin, and once again, best wishes for much success with your writing.,


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