Contemplations by L.M. Stull

One of my dearest friends and fellow authors just released a fantastic anthology. L.M. Stull has been interviewed as part of my “Inside the Author’s Mind” series, and I also reviewed her excellent debut novel A Thirty Something Girl.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Contemplations, get it now! I’m a fan of short stories and poetry and L.M. writes both with a deft hand. Enjoy!

Before penning her first novel, L.M. Stull found her voice and style by crafting a variety of short stories, poems, and flash fiction. Comprised of the very first words she uttered as a writer, Contemplations is a collection of tales and prose about life. Some happy. Some sad. Contemplations is filled with a multitude of writings that are sure to touch each reader in one way or another.

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L.M. also blogs about her own personal journey in life on her blog, Lisa’s Liberation.

A Washington, DC native, L.M. Stull spends her days chained to a desk at a law firm in southern Virginia. When she’s not feverishly taking orders from attorneys, she writes.

After the death of her grandfather, the words stopped flowing, and it was not until her late 20s that she rediscovered her passion for writing.

Her stories tell of the human spirit – sometimes sad, sometimes not – most can relate to them on some level or another.


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13 responses to “Contemplations by L.M. Stull

  1. Lance

    I’m a major fan of her writing. I’m all over this.


  2. L.M. Stull

    Lance! Thank you so much for stopping by here, your kind words and your support!! You rock, big time.

    And Ms. Baylee. Wonderful woman. Thank you so much for having me on your lovely site.


  3. Fantastic stuff girls! Hopefully I will get a copy of this sexy anthology! 😀


  4. Reblogged this on theforcedmind and commented:
    Lisa Stull is a fabulous writer and is equally as fabulous as a person too!


  5. def. need to check her out…


  6. Having Lisa and Eden in the same place– oh, my! Lisa, I love the cover!! Who designed it? I have always enjoyed your flash fiction and poetry so I know I will devour this new book. Best of luck and Great success.


    • L.M. Stull

      Thank you Dannie and Claudia!!

      Dennie, the cover was done by A&M Design Studios (Ann Mauren’s newest endeavor) :)))


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