FALL INTO WINTER is now sold as 4 separate ebooks

A short time ago, I met with NYU professor and Forbes writer, David Vinjamuri. I wrote about it in my post here.  We talked marketing strategy, and I’m finally putting his advice into practise.

My book, Fall into Winter has been on the market since February 2011. It contains four distinct novellas and is the size of a novel at 60K words. It has sold well, but not as well as I’d like. I packaged the book this way because I wanted a print version; it only made sense to do it if there was enough material.

Fall into Winter

So what’s changing?

Nothing as far as Fall into Winter is concerned, but I’m adding 4 new books to the marketplace. I’ve stripped out each novella to be sold separately as ebooks.

Each will be offered at $2.99, or you can still buy Fall into Winter at $4.99.

The math is simple. It’s easier for readers to part with $2.99 than $4.99, but the better value is of course to buy the whole book. 😉

Below are the four new covers designed by JBGraphics. You can follow him on Twitter @jbgraphix.

Buy links:  Amazon US | Amazon UK

If you love how the covers tell a story, I know you’ll enjoy my writing. I’ve included a summary of each book as well.

Your opinion of the strategy, covers, pricing, etc. is welcome. Feedback is always appreciated,




Heavily influenced by my fondness for blues guitar, this story explores music as the common language for love and seduction.

* * * *

FiW.act-three_4 The power of adult play inspired this story. For some readers, this story will push the boundaries for what they find comfortable in erotic writing. Join the fun if you dare.

* * * *


A Norwegian athlete possesses unique skills which make him a winner on the slopes and in the bedroom.

* * * *

A special Austrian man inspired this story … and the Asian woman is someone I know intimately.


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21 responses to “FALL INTO WINTER is now sold as 4 separate ebooks

  1. Hey Eden dear.. wow..so happy for you and proud of you..wonderful book..now wonderful BOOKS … that is so cool Merry Christmas my friend Laura Novak

    On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 9:28 PM, WordPress.com


  2. What an excellent idea, Eden. Wishing you all the best with your sales.

    BTW, I love how cohesive the covers look. 🙂


  3. I love all the covers…Huge congrats….


  4. Alex G.

    Great idea! I love this.


  5. I think this makes sense for you. We’re so busy, and smaller chunks are easier for us.


  6. Wonderful idea. Sometimes one book is plenty for a readers. Other times readers come back for the others after reading the first, which is even nicer. It’s more expensive that way for the reader but what works, works. A great way to cater to those who like a quickie while still giving those who like to kick up their feet for the long hall.

    BTW, I like the covers. 🙂


  7. Jason McIntyre

    Hey now that’s a cool idea. I usually do the reverse. Individual stories out one by one, then collect ’em up. Let me know how these go for you, e.! Good luck!

    j. //


  8. those covers! VERY nice. very very! everyone should read these stories, Eden. good luck!


  9. The covers are beautiful & it’s a great idea – best of luck, Eden 🙂


  10. It’s a different way of going about it, and the covers look smashing!


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