Music Mondays ~ People are Strange by The Doors

FiW.act-three_4Last week, I featured John Lee Hooker to highlight my book “Seduced by the Blues” and received a bizarre comment that had nothing to do with the post. Good friend and author, Justin Bog said to me, “People are strange” and suggested I use this song this week. Thanks Justin!

He’s right. People are strange.

As a writer of erotica, “strangeness” is not foreign to me. There is as much diversity in sexual preferences as there are people in the world. Strange? Perhaps, but that’s not for me to judge. My “normal” might be someone else’s kinky and vice versa.

“Act Three” is a complex story about people whom you might consider strange. It involves a director, an actor, and a woman who wants them both. I use my love of wordplay throughout, and you’ll find it’s quite funny at times. I wrote this to be playful because I think many adults have lost their ability to just have fun.

I’ve received great feedback on this story because it pushes the boundaries for what many readers find comfortable in erotic writing. Hope you’ll give it a try.

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8 responses to “Music Mondays ~ People are Strange by The Doors

  1. Lance

    I used to dislike this song until I heard the Psychedelic Furs cover in the mid 1980s. Their goth rock interpretation made me realize what The Lizard King was trying to do here. Now, I dig it a lot. Yes, people are strange. It takes one to know one.


  2. I guess we are. Jim would know for sure. 😉


  3. I love the Psychedelic Furs, Lance . . . I went to an outdoor concert way back in the 80s as a new wave music punk myself, and Talk Talk, my favorite new wave band, warmed up for The Furs. Really good moment and music. Today’s music sounds a lot like the electro-new wave movement. Does anyone else think that Gwen Stefani sounds a lot like the lead singer from Missing Persons? Anyway, people are strange, eden, and I wouldn’t want it any other way 😉


    • Justin, between you and Lance, now I have to listen to the P Furs version again.
      Yes, strange peeps make for interesting days! Thanks for giving me the idea to use this song, hon xox


  4. Well, you KNOW that I worship The Doors, and especially Jim. I think he would love it that someone as intelligent, interesting, gifted and sexy as you is talking about his music 45 years later 🙂


  5. Never really got into the Doors. I’ve gone a few rounds with a “biographer” of Jim Morrison who’s persona non grata with most of the fandom of the Doors though…


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