Part 1 of The Candlestick Killer for THE STORY CIRCLE via @camerongarriepy

Cameron D. Garriepy

The lovely author, Cameron Garriepy invited me to write for The Story Circle on her blog.

It’s a segment where one writer starts a short story, then passes it along to another author—a relay race of writers, if you will.

For the month of February, there will be four episodes by four different writers, each chosen by the person before them. The episodes post on consecutive Mondays and will conclude Feb. 25th.

I’m kicking it off, and I’m excited to read how different authors will move a story along.

Enjoy the start of: The Candlestick Killer.


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author, blogger, Buck's Landing, romance novel

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8 responses to “Part 1 of The Candlestick Killer for THE STORY CIRCLE via @camerongarriepy

  1. So excited for this lineup. You’ve set a fantastic story free into the world, Eden.


  2. Great beginning! Hurry, Monday!


  3. Part II is done. No vampires, no flying saucers and no cute talking dogs. Instead … well, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


  4. This is an entirely different way of going about it. Well done, Eden!


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