Intolerant Attitudes about Erotica ~ My guest blog for @PattiLarsen

I had a slight meltdown a short while ago. During that time, I channeled my frustrations into a blog post for the prolific and award-winning YA author, Patti Larsen.

Patti’s been a strong supporter of my writing from early on, and although our genres are polar opposites of each other, we’ve become close friends. I know I’ve benefitted greatly from her expertise as an author, marketer, and social networker, but above all, she’s just a great woman to know.

Hop over to her site and read  Intolerant Attitudes about Erotica.


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9 responses to “Intolerant Attitudes about Erotica ~ My guest blog for @PattiLarsen

  1. I was taught that a true gentleman can make anyone feel at ease in their home.

    You made me feel comfortable doing the author interview, Eden, even though those things scare me to death.

    You are a true gentlewoman.


  2. There are too many people in this world who think anyone in front of them wants to hear what they think is negative first.


  3. Loved this post, Eden! I have the same feelings about intolerance. You are a very strong woman, and it is one of the many things I love about you. Those who choose not to associate themselves with you based on their biased and misinformed reasoning are simply missing out on a great opportunity for a long-lasting friendship. Their loss. Cheers!


    • I really appreciate that Sharky. It means the world coming from you. I know we have divergent thoughts on many platforms, but at the end of the day – I respect you, your work, and the support you’ve always shown me. Thanks for commenting here, big guy.


  4. What a wonderful post that says so much about you, dear Eden. I’ve learned so much from you and I think it shows up in my writing.


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