Music Monday ~ Rainy Night in Georgia

I kick off the month of spring with one of my favorite songs by the great Brook Benton.

You can get wet by reading one of my books if you prefer not stepping in the rain 😉

Hit your country link and see the selection.

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10 responses to “Music Monday ~ Rainy Night in Georgia

  1. AS always beautiful eden you shine from the inside out. Your music choices are awesome and classy as usual. You have a true talent for writing and your musical taste is impeccable. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music tastes with us. You are an amazing talent that we all are very grateful to have the honour of knowing. Thank you for brightening My monday 🙂 xoxo hugs


  2. Does it for me big time, Eden! Just beautiful – was nourished by this wonderful kind of music. Always my best…


  3. if you say so sweet eden .. i have replayed this many times today thank you 🙂 you are our sugar sweet writer who we cherish so very much 😉


  4. You’ve got such good taste, Eden. Right now it’s not “rainin’ all over the world”… not after seeing another great post by you. You always manage to bring a smile to my face.


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