Listen to my Podcast Interview with @SimonsGroove

Last week, I was interviewed by Simon Jones for his podcast, aptly called: Simon’s Groove.

This show is what happens when two former radio talk show hosts retake the mic for a raucous weekly show filled with chat about current events, pop culture and more. Simon’s Groove features interviews, music, movie reviews and corny jokes, too.

Simon and I had a great time chatting about writing, erotica, new projects, and he was every bit as groovy as I knew he would be. He and Unckel Mike really ham it up before I join them. They are hilarious!

Have a listen, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode!

Listen to my interview by hitting the logo.

simon's groove

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Connect to Simon’s Groove 

WebsiteFacebookTwitter @simonsgroove | Twitter @UnckelMike

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8 responses to “Listen to my Podcast Interview with @SimonsGroove

  1. Thanks for a great interview!


  2. Eden, please apologize to Simon for me… I found the podcast so interesting I wrote a small ‘short story’ in their comment session.:-) You were superb and it was good hearing your voice. You’re a wonderful lady.


  3. ohmjam

    Nah not too many “you knows” great interview and thanks for posting. I’ll be listening to Simon’s Groove again. He gives good interview.


  4. It seems you had fun with this, Eden!


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