Listen to my Podcast Interview with @RChazzChute

Last week, I was interviewed by Robert “Chazz” Chute for his Cool People Podcast. To be considered cool enough for this show was truly an honour.

Chazz and I had a great time chatting about erotica, the Feminist Porn Awards, and my favorite poet, Charles Bukowski.

Have a listen, and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you never miss an episode.

Hope you enjoy!

Listen to my interview by hitting the logo.

cool people podcast

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Connect to Robert “Chazz” Chute  

Website | Twitter @RChazzChute | All That Chazz | The Plague of Days

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7 responses to “Listen to my Podcast Interview with @RChazzChute

  1. Lance

    You’re the coolest, E. Listening now. Great interview. Also, I’m digging your Who songs.


    • Thanks Lance for listening and for watching The Who as well. Hope you enjoy the podcast. I am really NOT cool, but Chazz made me comfortable, and we had some good laughs.

      It’s a good thing I write so I can edit myself!



  2. Loved listening to you both giggle. Great interview, I would stutter and stammer my way through one, I’m sure! 🙂


  3. Another great interview and you do so well without editing, lol. I’m now enchanted by your voice and well as your talent.


  4. For some reason WordPress wasn’t playing nice when I tried to comment last night….

    I got a listen in on the interview. You sounded like you were having fun, Eden!


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