I am interviewed by Author @LorenKleinman

I’m honored to be interviewed by one of my favorite people, who is also an award-winning poet.

Loren Kleinman interviewed me for Indie Reader the first time in January of 2012, and now she has a wonderful new website.

I’m thrilled to be connected to this vibrant, author, poet, and all-around fabulous woman.

Please read  her interview with me.

* * * *

Connect to Loren

loren kleinman

Loren Kleinman Website |  LK Editorial Website

Twitter @lorenkleinman | Facebook

Loren was the recipient of the Spire Press Poetry Prize (2003) and a 2000 and 2003 Pushcart Prize nominee.

She is currently working on a New Adult literary romance novel titled, This Way To Forever, which explores how young people fall in love and the complexities and realities while having to make adult choices, as well as a collection of essays and interviews with IndieReader, which looks at the craft behind indie writing and the ways that it builds community.

Loren was interviewed on my blog Feb 22, 2013.



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2 responses to “I am interviewed by Author @LorenKleinman

  1. Perfect pairing . . . Can’t wait to read more.


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