I am interviewed by @IndieAuthorLand

Indie Author Land, a site dedicated to helping self-published authors graciously asked to interview me a short time ago.  I found their website professional, and my dealings with them equally so.

Who is Indie Author Land? In their own words …  

Indie Author Land is run by a couple.  She is a journalist covering the arts, and he is a computer programmer. Neither one of us is an author, but we are both voracious readers and both want to contribute, in whatever way we can, to the creation of good fiction.

Hence, Indie Author Land…


Hit the logo to read my interview and connect to Indie Author Land on all their social networks.

indie author land button



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7 responses to “I am interviewed by @IndieAuthorLand

  1. Great job, Eden, as always. I need a cold shower after reading your poem, though. 😉


  2. Read and commented! Good interview, Eden!


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