I am interviewed by @FSLocalToronto

I was very surprised to be approached by FS Local Toronto for an interview.

FS Local is an online directory that helps local patrons find businesses in their city, and gives visibility to some of the people who live in it.

Read about my connection to Toronto in: 20 Questions With Eden Baylee, Author, or just hit the logo below.



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11 responses to “I am interviewed by @FSLocalToronto

  1. Karen Soutar

    My aunt by marriage lives in Toronto and I’ve yet to visit. Must get off my a**e and go!


    • Hi Karen, please come. Plenty to do especially in the summer. Look me up if you want to know more about cool places to visit in the city. Thanks for commenting too, appreciate it.



  2. You certainly get around, Ms Canada 🙂


  3. The lady does indeed get around! 🙂


  4. Nice one, Eden, but two questions from me:

    1. No best food truck? 😉
    2. Hockey?


  5. Ha Tim, thanks for coming by, hon. I don’t eat from food trucks, if not for any reason that unlike NYC, where you can get almost everything on the streets, we really only have hotdogs and I don’t like them much.

    Hockey? Well, I’m in a hockey pool now and have picked Boston and Chicago to be the finalists with Boston winning. I’m 10th so far and there are 100 people in the pool. I’m no Leafs fan, but it would be good for the city if they eventually won…maybe not in my lifetime though 😉



  6. Good answers, Eden!

    We all know the Leafs won’t be winning a cup anytime soon. Well, all of us except the die-hard Leafs fans. I have several cousins who each October keep saying, “this is the year they do it…”

    It’s been several years since I was last at the AGO.


    • Hi William, thanks for your comment. I’m not an avid hockey fan, and certainly not a Leafs one, but it’s fun to watch on occasion. At least they got in the play-offs this year.

      AGO is nice when they have exhibits I like. The last one I saw was Picasso, so it was worth it.



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