I am interviewed by @LiveFmtheMorgue

A short time ago, I was gang-interviewed by the crew of Live from the Morgue, a weekly internet radio show, which airs Saturday nights from 9 PM – Midnight EST on More Like Radio.

I had a pun-filled time, rife with sexual innuendos as host Steve (WolfX), author Susan Rose, Riff Maxwell, and the very lovely Lord Dark Claw in Oz grilled me on topics like porn, my style of writing, and how I am influenced by older dead men.

You can listen to me in the  final  45 minutes of their outrageous show via the show link or on the June 8th episode on iTunes.



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Connect to Live from the Morgue

live from the morgue


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6 responses to “I am interviewed by @LiveFmtheMorgue

  1. It is always a thrill for me to hear you, dear Eden.


  2. I listened to this broadcast (or gang interview does seem more appropriate) this morning and I am seriously impressed by your cool, Ms Baylee, truly. You were eloquent, precise, your elocution is excellent and above all, it felt like one person (you) was in complete command of four rather random interviewers. Particularly impressive since it seemed like something of an irreverent, anarchic and somewhat provocative, not to say intimidating atmosphere. A lot of fun though. Well done you.


    • Ha, John, thanks for that. I had no idea what to expect. A lot of provocative language, but it’s their audience, so I understand the anarchy and didn’t mind it.

      I didn’t feel particularly eloquent, but appreciate your compliment. It’s amazing how technology allows us to connect to the world, isn’t it?

      Really appreciate your comment, xo


  3. I LOVED this interview! Those guys were wild, but you handled their asses!


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