@DaretoWearLove Partners with @2lifeapp

Dare to Wear Love celebrates the work of Canada’s fashion community and performing artists. It also raises funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which puts money into grassroots organizations in Africa to fight the AIDS pandemic.

I raised money for this wonderful cause back in March by showcasing all things Canadian.

Bedhead and passport – uniquely Canadian

Now, Dare To Wear Love has partnered with  2life to launch its app, a private, secure network designed for two people, 2life lets you communicate share, collaborate and coordinate with your partner all in one place. With tools such as chat, coordinated calendars and real-time updates across devices, 2life is ideal for couples, and it is also useful for friends, family members and coworkers.

For its launch, 2life is raising funds for Dare to Wear Love and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.


How can you help?

Download the 2life app from the App Store. It’s FREE!

Enter promo code #powerof2 when signing up in the app and …

2life will donate $1 (to a maximum of $25,000) to Dare to Wear Love!

Easy to do. Sign up today!


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2 responses to “@DaretoWearLove Partners with @2lifeapp

  1. The Stephen Lewis Foundation’s a good cause, of course, and the man himself is one of the best we’ve ever sent out into the world.


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