Spring into Summer ~ On sale only until the end of summer

Summer is my favorite season and it’s been a lovely, hot one.  Three more weeks to go.

And to brighten up the rest of summer, I have reduced the ebook price of  Spring into Summer to 99 cents on Amazon! You save $4.00! The price will be comparable on worldwide sites.

Grab it now. Tell your friends. Share it with your enemies.  Spread the word however you like. Your support is always greatly appreciated,


sis sale

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In Spring into Summer, a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas, four women explore their limits, marked by love, lust, and loss. 

Life for Claire Pelletier is changed forever when she meets a professor who teaches her a most important lesson in “A Season for Everything.” Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man in “Unlocking the Mystery” and discovers the key to her own heart. With an open mind, Ava Connors attends a party but wonders if reality can ever live up to her hottest fantasies in “Summer Solstice.” In “The Lottery,” Sierra Zhao sacrifices herself to numerous men to help a friend, fully aware of the consequences.

With locations in London, Dublin, Cape Cod, and Bangkok, these four women will seek pleasure to alter their lives and push their boundaries.

flourishA Few Reviews

“… I can’t begin to tell you how much the first story “A Season for Everything” touched me. It was so poignant and passionate that it stayed with me throughout the entire book … The love between Claire and Stephen was just so real and I felt it in every part of me. I mean, it truly was the best story in my eyes. I read it three times because I just couldn’t let it go. Call me a sap, because this story was wonderful…” ~ Diantha Jones of Masquerade Crew


“… I was absolutely blown away by the 50 year romance … in “Unlocking the Mystery” with simply letters. Heck, they didn’t even progress to e-mail as the letters were still on paper in 2010 and 2011. Theirs was truly a deep, committed love to continue with writing these letters, some extremely erotic. Also, the woman who delivers the last letter, Evelyn, even gets a reward of her own…or at least it appears that way. And no, not sex…something even better. ~ L Smith, Top Amazon Reviewer


“Though sex and sexuality were themes in the previous two stories, they were not as prevalent as they are in this story (Summer Solstice) which boils to the brim with passion, lust and desire. This story is not for the faint of heart … with its heavier emphasis on Erotica and erotic themes…” ~ Wyatt McIntyre


“…’The Lottery’ takes an exotic, slightly dangerous turn as a woman explores her need to experience life outside the constraints of normalcy, opening up opportunities for friendship, understanding and even love…” ~ Beach Bum Books

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4 responses to “Spring into Summer ~ On sale only until the end of summer

  1. A good way to finish the summer, Eden!


  2. laurie27wsmith

    Hi Eden, thanks so much for dropping by my home page. You have plenty to see here.


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