Satirist @ChristophPaul_ releases GREAT WHITE HOUSE for FREE

Christoph Paul is a talented writer of satire, and he’s putting out his third book—on Friday the 13th!

You may recall I interviewed him not long ago when he released The Passion of the Christoph. If you missed that interview, hop over and catch it now.

Tomorrow, he releases the third book in his satirical trilogy called: Great White House, co-written with Brody Thomas. He describes it as “Sharknado” meets “White House Down” with a South Park feel.

And the great thing is:

He’s releasing it FREE!

Grab your copy Friday, Sept. 13th!

Don’t wait for the price to go up. 


Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.24.17 AM

After seeing this awesome cover, there are only two important questions you must ask yourself: Why would you not want to see American politicians be eaten by sharks? The other is how do the great white sharks attack the great White House?

That second question gets answered as Paul and Thomas (the writers of the novella, not a folk group) tell a tale that involves an angry Chinese President Xi Jinping, weather control, PETA, America’s debt, and The Chinese Task Force including: President Obama, Vice President, John ‘The Crying Man’ Boehner, Eric Cantor, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Bachmann, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, Tim Scott, Tim Geithner, Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, and Marc Rubio (John Kerry was supposed to be there but is stuck on his yacht during the freak storm that let out the sharks.)

As the story unfolds it is a surreal and satirical South Park-like combo of “Sharknado” meets “White House Down” &/or “Olympus Has Fallen” (and any other movie/TV shows with black charismatic presidents in danger) where these rival politicians must find ways to learn to work together to survive. China’s ‘loan sharks’ are ready to have America pay its debt in blood as these sharks don’t see Red or Blue—they are bipartisan human beefeaters.

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