Music Mondays with Sonny Boy Williamson

This is great footage of the incredible Sonny Boy Williamson singing and playing harp. You have to love the lyrics of “Your Funeral, My Trial”

” … I’m begging you baby
Cut out that off the wall jive
Woman, if you can’t treat me no better
It’s going to be your funeral and my trial …”

And that’s why I love the blues. 😉

If you do too, pick up Seduced by the Blues, one of my books that includes blues and harmonica.


seduced by the blues

Buy links: 

US | UK | Canada | Germany | France | Japan | Italy | Spain


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4 responses to “Music Mondays with Sonny Boy Williamson

  1. Really cool music clip!
    How are you lessons coming along?
    Seduced by the Blues is one of my Favs!


  2. One can’t go wrong with the blues!


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