Get Inside the Mind of Author Matthew Bryan (@talshadar)

I met Matthew Bryan while working on the Allegories of the Tarot anthology. Along with me, he’s one of 22 authors featured in the book, releasing Oct 31st! I know he’s as excited about it as I am!

Some other cool facts about Matthew …

He’s a Canadian living in Calgary, we share the same fabulous editor (Annetta Ribken), and he just launched his own book in August of this year!

Find out more about this lovely man, and be sure to connect to him.


citizen soldier

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As’hame, an exiled angel, stands vigilant in his watch over mankind, just as he has for thousands of years. As the grip of corruption and greed threatens to strangle humanity, As’Hame works relentlessly to save his City of Angels. To keep it as a shining beacon of hope, a symbol for human salvation.

But now, Hell’s got a new ruler. She’s ruthless. She’s evil. And she’s pissed. With a new horde of demons dispatched to steal the souls of Man, As’hame races to find and protect God’s son before the demons bring the fight to Heaven’s gates and rain Hell on Earth.

In this mystical, action-packed tale, angels are warriors, demons are not always evil, and humans are stuck in the middle. Faith and love are put to the test as all of creation is threatened and everyone must take a stand and fight for what they believe in.


Inside Matthew’s Mind

[eden] Thrilled to have you here, Matthew, let’s start off by telling everyone your definition for perfect happiness. Is there such a thing? 

[Matthew] Perfect happiness… tough question right off the bat huh.  I have too many descriptions really. Perfect happiness usually revolves around a book – but it could be on a beach, in the mountains, by a lake. Pretty much anywhere but at work lol.

[eden] Gotcha 😉 

What gets your creativity moving? My creative juices are usually influenced by music. Diffrent music evokes different feelings. The sounds of nature, birds, leaves rustling in the wind, water rushing by, they all influence me.

Do you overuse any words? Hilarious is one I used to use all the time but after awhile I managed to curb that. I use totally a lot but meh, no sense in trying to be perfect.

What qualities do you admire in people? Honesty, integrity, strength of character and consideration of others are what I think are the most critical qualities for people to have.

Do you have any big regrets in life so far? I tend not to not focus on things like that. I know that the biggest regret I would have had is if I hadn’t tried to finish In Heaven’s Shadow. Not going all the way with it is something I would have regretted, but I’m stubborn and I had a great support group pushing me. Not to mention a kick ass editor that wouldn’t let me stop and is constantly pushing me to go further.

[eden] Yeah, I know that editor you speak of. My ass is still sore!

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? Hmm… change something about me. Well I know what other people would say lol. Personally I wish I was like 2 inches taller. Wish I had a little more self-confidence. For the most part though I’m happy with who I am. Besides, at forty-one it’s a little late to try changing much lol.

[eden] WHAT? You’re 41? No way! Must be that clean Calgary air that keeps you looking so young! 

Do you have any fears? My greatest fear is kind of tied to my deep-seated goal/dream. I want the world to know my name. Not so much for the fame and fortune (though that would be nice), more because I think I have a story to tell and I want to share it with the world. I’ve always felt that I was meant for something, something more. That I have something to offer to the world. My fear is to never find out what that is, to be less than what I was meant to be. And if that’s too deep… how about sharks?

[eden] Sharks is perfect, ha! 

If not for your current profession, what would you be doing? I’ve been in IT for almost twenty years but I almost became a chef instead. I still really enjoying cooking and a part of me always wonders about it. I plan on taking cooking courses over the winter.

If you could come back in the next life, what would you be? I would like to come back as an eagle. Not only have I always wanted to fly (and would be one of the super powers I would take) but being half blind I am so very jealous of their eyesight.

Lightening round coming up!

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement is writing and publishing my first book.

Pet people peeve: I can’t abide dishonesty and rudeness. I always treat others the way I want to be treated and I’m disgusted when others don’t.

Biggest extravagance: My greatest extravagence… it used to be old books and coins but I’ve been good about that in the last while. I’m so focused on writing that I try not to spend much money, saving it for the cost of book two.

Your fantasy come true before you die: Of all the things that I want to do, the biggest, most important thing to do before I die would be see my book(s) as a movie. Does that count? I know most would probably say sky dive, climb a mountain, go someplace amazing etc.. naw. I have bigger dreams lol

Any fave writers, musicians, artists … I have far too many favorite writes and musicians to try to pick. I don’t really follow directors – I just like the movies I like lol.

How about favorite curse words? Curse words… I would never curse. Ok that’s a flat out lie lol. Fucktard is probably my most used curse, especially driving in traffic.

Finally, your motto in life: Motto’s are such a flexible thing. My motto changes depending on whether I’m wearing my photographer’s hat, writer’s hat or just the regular Matt hat. Live your life with honor is really the main thread of who I am. My internal set of rules are built around the core of knightly conduct and they do determine the steps I take in life.

[eden] Wow, I love that, Matt. I’ve never had a real knight on my blog before, but you come pretty close. 

Readers, please say “hi” to Matt and connect to this wonderful author. No doubt, you will be hearing more about him in the future.

* * * *

Connect to Matthew

matthew bryan

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6 responses to “Get Inside the Mind of Author Matthew Bryan (@talshadar)

  1. Awesome, Matthew! 😀 Great interview, as usual, Eden. I love finding out more about people I’m working with–excellent share, you two! XO


  2. Always good to hear from someone with an internal code of conduct. Well said.


  3. If one has to have an overused word, hilarious is a good one! Good interview, Matthew and Eden!


  4. Thanks Patti, Tim, and William for your comments for Matt. Wonderful of you to drop by!


  5. Great interview, Matthew! Must be something in the Canadian air that brings out the best in talented people!


  6. I’m sorry that I missed all these great comments 😀 Thanks everyone, it was fun answering questions about one of my favorite topics 😉 j/k


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