Attend the Premiere Screenings of AWAITING ATWOOD ~ a film by @BethofBamNorth

Awaiting Atwood, a film I had the pleasure to be involved with is screening this month! Wheee!

The movie is directed by Beth Mairs of BAM North Productions, who stars in it with her wife, Betty Ann McPherson. I was honoured to donate my books as a perk for the successful Indiegogo campaign.


Two washed-up, middle-aged adventuresses are under the delusion literary icon Margaret Atwood has invited them to stay with her in downtown Toronto. Having nothing better to do for the summer, they turn this into a full-on adventure traveling by bike and canoe from Sudbury to land on Ms. Atwood’s front lawn. En route, they experience a series of misadventures, encountering themes and images from several of Atwood’s best-loved novels.

* * * *

Check out the film trailer. I have a tiny part in this film. Can you spot me? 😉

Three Screenings in November!

WORLD PREMIERE in SUDBURY! ~ Thursday, Nov. 14th at 8pm at Vale Cavern, Science North. Margaret Atwood will be present! ~ Facebook event page

margaret atwood

SUDBURY ~ Friday, Nov. 22nd at 7:30pm at (old) Rainbow Cinemas. Female Eye Film Festival in Sudbury Opening Night –  Tickets are $25 . ~ Facebook event page

TORONTO ~ Monday, Nov. 18th at 7pm Carlton Cinema. (on Margaret Atwood’s actual birthday!) Tickets are $10 with an after-party next door. ~ Facebook event page. I hope to see you there!

Connect to BAM North Productions

bam north productions

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @BethofBAMNorth

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13 responses to “Attend the Premiere Screenings of AWAITING ATWOOD ~ a film by @BethofBamNorth

  1. John Dolan

    Looks really fun. Plus now I know a movie star, and I’ve always had a thing about ladies in uniform. I hope you appreciate how difficult it is not to mention handcuffs here. But I won’t 🙂


    • Shush, Mr. Dolan. The handcuffs are reserved only for English men. I also carry a big gun and I’m not afraid to use it. (Well, I am but that’s a another story). Thanks for the comment, lovely 😉


      • John Dolan

        So how can a humble (well, very humble but that’s another story) Englishman living in Thailand get to see this cinematographical feast, short of purchasing an expensive air ticket to Toronto? JD


        • I must check on that for you, Mr. Dolan. How very kind of you to consider attending. In addition to this movie, there are so many reasons to visit this fair city, so I’m certain you would get your money’s worth from a flight here. 😉


  2. I expect it should probably turn up in my neck of the great white north. I can even anticipate which theatre will carry it….


  3. Honest, Officer, I’ve never seen that before. Anybody could have put it there. 😉


  4. Reblogged this on CultureShock and commented:
    Congrats, Eden!!!


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