Get Inside the Mind of author J.H. Sked (@jhsked)

I love people with a sense of humor and J.H. (Janet) Sked certainly has one. In her words, her humor is “warped.” She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she’s extremely thoughtful and supportive.

Please welcome a fellow author from the Allegories of the Tarot anthology. I am very proud to have my story alongside hers.


Who is J.H. Sked?

Born in South Africa, currently living in London, UK. The author of the Basement Blues Detective Series (urban paranormal), Tales from the Crescent series (Epic Fantasy), contributor to The Lyndsey Roughton Anthology, and Allegories of the Tarot.

WolfSong is from the Tales from the Crescent series.


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Three species. One country. A vicious murder and a village of the dead. A soldier desperate for vengeance at any price.

Amber is sworn to uphold justice on the Crescent.

But as grief and rage drive her to the edge of insanity, she may no longer be capable of choosing between justice and personal vengeance – and may the gods help any being that stands in her way. If you plan to join this ride, bring your sword. Sanity is optional.

* * * *

Inside Janet’s Mind

[eden] Welcome Janet! I’m thrilled to have you here. Please tell the readers your idea of perfect happiness.

That varies a bit, but at the moment I’d say migraine-free, with a lot of time to write, and family and friends just around the corner. Financial stability would help as well; half the time I’m so broke I can’t pay attention. The cost of living has bent me over a chair without the benefit of KY. So I’ll summarise by saying writing full time and earning a decent living at it.

[eden] Ouch. No KY is a painful visual. 😉  

What turns you on creatively? Everything. I play What If? a lot, and everything from overheard conversations to news headlines to strange stuff that happens to me is fodder for it. I’m never bored.

Do you overuse any words or phrases? Awesome. I’m trying to stop, but so many things really ARE awesome, you know?

[eden] I’ve cut that word out too. I’m making up my own words – you can have “fantabulicious.”

What do you most admire in a man? I’d have to say integrity. Tight buns, tattoos and a Harley may get my attention, but if you have the ethics of a rabid weasel you won’t keep it.

And in a woman? Once again, integrity. I’m not too concerned about whether it fits with the social norm, but if you are honest with yourself and others, and hold to your personal truth, I have to admire that.

[eden] Great answer.

Do you have any big regrets? Not realizing until I was twenty five or so that trying to change to fit in with the world made me a miserable little person.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Perfect teeth. I’ve lost count of the number of dentists I’ve bitten. I wouldn’t mind a few extra inches in height either.

What is your greatest fear? Hurting someone else by accident. I’m clumsy to the nth degree, which is fine when I’m the only one on the receiving end. Not so cool when some innocent bystander gets yanked into the mix. My first year in London, nobody told me you can get snow grippers, and my walk to work went : Wall. Streetlight. Wall. Postbox. Wall. Postman.

Luckily he had a sense of humor, since I ended up clutching his knees and almost pulling his trousers off. I may have been praying.

[eden] Oh my god, this is hilarious! I think the postman probably got the thrill of his life. 

Which living person do you most admire? Nelson Mandela. If he had been a different person, South Africa would have been knee-deep in blood. Instead of being bitter, he tried to make the country a better place. To a large extent, he succeeded.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Acting. I’m done a bit of amateur stuff and loved it. It’s close to writing for me; you step into another world and lose your everyday problems. For that short period of time, nothing else exists. It’s magic.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? A very pampered cat.

[eden] Another cat person! 

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Apart from surviving, since the planet keeps trying to kill me? Pushing the publish button on my first book. I was terrified.

[eden] Congrats on that, it is huge!

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Bigotry. I don’t understand it, to be honest. I don’t particularly care about someone’s colour, religion, or sexual/gender orientation. I care about whether they’re a good person, and those things are incidental. We should celebrate our differences, not try to prune them off of our neighbours like unsightly flowers we don’t like the look of.

Do you have any great extravagances? Books. I buy on average three or four books a week. There are a couple of authors on my “Must Buy” list, and then there are the new ones I get to discover via kindle.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? I’d like to learn how to fly a light plane. (Bearing in mind how accident prone I am, this really may be the thing I do right before saying farewell to the world.)

[eden] I believe “wanting to do something” is a huge step, and the only thing you can control. I hope you get up there one day.

Who is your favorite writer/musician/film director? Oooh, decisions… This can change depending on my mood as well.

Writer – Stephen King. (Ilona Andrews come in a close second, though.)

Musician – Jeff Buckley. That voice was exquisite.

Film Director – mmm. Difficult one. Possibly Tarantino, for the sheer fun he has doing his work. It shows every time; the man has a blast.

Do yo have any favorite curse words? Fucktwit is a personal favorite, although I tend to roll with full phrases. Take a flying fuck at a rolling donut (reserved for politicians and other numpties).  Fuck me ‘til I cry (moments of sheer exasperation). Kiss my fluffy tattooed pagan ass. (I’m enjoying this way too much, by the way.) Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.  Try again, fucktard (usually involving myself and tech). I just got bitch-slapped by the stupid fairy.

[eden] These are some original ones!

Lastly, do you have a life motto? Usually? Life is wonder.  It really is; I’ve been very lucky in my life and I spend a lot of time looking around me and thinking “Wow.”  I hope I never lose that.

I have one I reserve for bad days: Noli illegitimi carborundum. It’s faux Latin for “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” I use it for pigeons, London transport, and the majority of politicians.

[eden] Ha! Love it, and I’ve heard that one before from another author I interviewed. You’ve been wonderful, Janet, thanks so much for dropping by.

Readers, please say “hi” to this lovely woman and learn more about her. 

* * * *

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9 responses to “Get Inside the Mind of author J.H. Sked (@jhsked)

  1. Janet is unique, hilarious, and wonderful. Great interview! xoxoxo


  2. Thank you for having me 🙂 Flinging kisses at Netta, here.


  3. Two of my favorite people together and talking… Wow. Jan, you are amazing and I’ve always wanted to know a bit more about you. This is a great interview. I’m surprised to learn that several of your expressions are the same ones I use over here in the States. You must be part redneck and with a tattooed behind– stuff dreams are made of, lol.

    I truly wish you, Eden and the other authors of your new book much success!


  4. Mandy

    Tell you something else about this woman – she is remarkably compassionate and caring, as well as the best damn reiki healer I’ve ever met. There are some extraordinary human beings in the world and Janet is one of them.


  5. Dannie – how did you know about the tattoo? My secrets are all coming out, bwahahah. Mandy, thank you for your kind words. You guys are the best, and you’ve made me blush – THAT doesn’t happen very often.


  6. Janet, terrific answers! Yes, I can say that among my half of the species, there are too many with the ethics of a rabid weasel.

    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on is a very good turn of phrase!


  7. Another true winner. Good to meet Janet and I wish her much luck with “Wolfsong…” Sounds really good! AND, you Ms Eden, just STOP IT with the fantastic interviews!!! xox


  8. Thanks to everyone for stopping by to offer kind words for Janet.

    Janet, great to have you here! Twas fun to know you better 😉


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