WIN 2 tickets for Toronto screening of AWAITING ATWOOD by @BethofBamNorth

UPDATE Nov 18th 12:45 PMThe winner is Betsy Purvis! Thanks again to everyone for commenting. Tickets are still available for sale from 5PM today.

UPDATE Nov 18th 12:16 PM: The winner’s name has been drawn using, and I will apprise shortly once the prize has been accepted.


Per a previous post, Awaiting Atwood, a film I had the pleasure to be involved with is screening in Toronto, Monday, November 18, 7 PM at the Carlton.

Filmmaker Beth Mairs of BAM North Productions is generously offering TWO FREE TICKETS to readers of my blog! (Tickets are available for sale at the theatre 2 hours before the screening).

To win, answer this question in the comments. Make sure you include a valid email address.

Which one of Margaret Atwood’s books was published in 1969, coinciding with the rise of the women’s movement in North America?

a) The Edible Woman

b) The Handmaid’s Tale

c) The Year of the Flood

~ I will draw for the winner by Nov. 18th, NOON and advise on how to pick up the tickets. ~

*  *  *  *

Check out the trailer. I have a tiny part in this film playing the Junior Cop.

Connect to BAM North Productions

bam north productions

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @BethofBAMNorth

* * * *


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16 responses to “WIN 2 tickets for Toronto screening of AWAITING ATWOOD by @BethofBamNorth

  1. Chris Kirouac

    a) The Edible Woman.


  2. Karen

    The Edible Woman!


  3. Betsy Purvis

    The Edible Woman


  4. Michelle

    The Edible Woman


  5. Christina Kane

    My answer is a) The Edible Woman


  6. Cassie

    I’m going with the popular vote

    The Edible Woman


  7. MaggieMcGovern

    ‘A’ is my answer—The Edible Woman


  8. My answer does not matter because I will be in San Diego. If I were going to be in the area I would have answered “The Edible Woman”.


  9. John Dolan

    It’s at times like this that I wish I either lived in Toronto or owned a Lear jet.


  10. Faye Blondin

    The edible woman! Pick me.


  11. Maneesha Singh

    The Edible Woman


  12. Lise

    The Edible Woman, loved that book!


  13. Thanks to everyone who commented. The correct answer is indeed THE EDIBLE WOMAN.

    The winner’s name has been drawn and will be announced once she has accepted.

    Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone tonight!



  14. Congratulations to Betsy! And have fun, Eden!


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