Props to the people I interviewed in 2013

I hosted 47 authors in 2011, the first complete year of my blog.

I expanded the segment to other creatives with 44 interviews in 2012.

In 2013, I continued to share amazing talent on my blog. Read them if you missed their interviews initially. They’re wonderful people to have as part of your social network.

 Click on the name for the interview. 

 Profession and/or Genre  Name
 Mystery/Thriller/Humour  John Dolan
 Crime/Paranormal  Tim Dittmer
 YA Fantasy/Romance  Raine Thomas
 Editor and author of poetry  Loren Kleinman
 Women’s fiction  Erin Cawood
 Romance/Contemporary fiction/Short stories  Cameron Garriepy
 Memoir/Crime thriller/Romance  Billy Ray Chitwood
 Paranormal Romance/Celtic  Shannon Macleod
 Contemporary Fiction  Lance Burson
 Erotica/Romance  Layna Pimentel
 Editor and author of urban fantasy/Flash fiction  Annetta Ribken
 Thriller/Suspense  Everett Powers
 Historical fiction/Humour  Nicole Chardenet
 Paranormal/Suspense  Sheilagh G. Lee
 Filmmaker and author of non-fiction/Poetry  John T. Trigonis
 Satire/Politics/Humour  Christoph Paul
 Literary Podcaster/Social media brand manager  Lydia Aswolf
 Actor/Producer/Biographer  Gregor Collins
 Science fiction/Fantasy  Matthew Bryan
 Editor and author of short stories/novellas  Jennifer Wingard
 Publicist and author of multiple genres  Anne Chaconas
 Speculative fiction/Horror/YA  Jessica McHugh
 Urban paranormal/Epic fantasy  J.H. Sked
 Short stories/Aspiring novelist  Timothy Bryant Smith
 Victorianesque fantasy/Science fiction  MeiLin Miranda
 Noir crime/Personal development non-fiction  Joe Hefferon
 Instructional non-fiction/Science fiction/Fantasy  Matt Posner
 Historical Fiction  Mary Ann Bernal

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24 responses to “Props to the people I interviewed in 2013

  1. Mon Amor:
    Are these in alphabetical order? I was never very good with that.
    If you re-arrange the letters of Nicole Chardenet you get Hi-Clone Decanter, which is like a test tube for smart embryos. You may have noticed I added a dash. I’m allowed to since I’m so far down on your fucking list. I could gestate an elephant by the time anyone read all those interviews. I thought those nights in Davos meant something. I guess I’m just like any other ski instructors with a great ass. Sacre Bleu I’m depressed.
    Happy New Year hot lips. See you apres ski.
    XO – Franz


    • Oh Joe, er, Franz.

      Always with the french.


    • Franz, who are you and what have you done with my friend, Joe?

      If he’s around, tell him the list order is unimportant, which I’m sure he knows already. It’s in the order the recipients were interviewed. His content was all that mattered, and he was as clever as I knew he would be.

      As a student of psychology, I deduce you may be having hallucinations. Your ramblings about hi-clone decanters and elephant embryos are rather disturbing. We certainly never met in Davos as I hate the cold and would never take up skiing. Even your great ass would not have lured me there.

      May I suggest you visit your nearest physician as soon as you’re able and get a proper diagnosis? Start off the year with a clear mind, Franz, and I wish you the very best for 2014. 😉



  2. John Dolan

    Am honoured to be in such august company. I hope 2014 brings you all you wish for.
    John x


  3. Eden, what an impressive list of talented people. What I like most is its diversity. Looking forward to your posts and interviews for 2014!


    • Ned, lovely to see you, and I look forward to staying connected. You’re one of my 2013 late-in-the-year discoveries, and I definitely hope to have you on my blog too. Wishing you only success for 2014,


  4. Lance

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your place and world. You inspired both of my books this year in so many ways. Thank you for the advice and friendship.



  5. chrisrose2005

    Nice one, Eden. And thanks for nipping by my website earlier on this year. Have a wonderful 2014!



  6. chrisrose2005

    Yes, it’s a date! 🙂


  7. Thanks, Eden, it was gracious of you to host me!


  8. justinbog

    I enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year, eden . . . what fun and I love discovering new writers (to me anyway) and learning how they tackle their creative muse, or tickle . . .


  9. It was my honor to appear here, Eden. You are one of THE most supportive and generous writers I know. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for all of us–you know I love you dearly. I also know 2014 is going to rock for you, and I can’t wait! ❤


  10. Lordy, it’s a regular party here! Wait… that’s an idea, party at Eden’s place! I’ll bring cake 🙂

    In some seriousness, thank you, Ms. Baylee, for all the work you do and your endless generosity. You’re an inspiration and a champion and my year was better for having you – and your bloggy family – in it.


    • I love cake, especially if someone else is baking! 2013 was definitely richer because of you, Cameron. I can’t believe the Story Circle on your blog was almost 12 months ago, where DOES the time go? Thanks for always being such a beautiful writer. My best to you for success and creativity in 2014.


  11. You were very busy last year!

    Happy New Year!


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