Music Monday accompanied by a rant ~ Cold as Ice

Remember Foreigner? They were a British-American rock band formed in the seventies. They sang a song called “Cold As Ice” and it became one of their big hits. The song was about a woman. When I listen to it now, I interpret the lyrics to be about something else.

Winter is my least favorite season. I make no secret of it, and this year is making up for mild winters of the past.

My experience with winter?

I’m Canadian.

I grew up in Montreal, a city where the winters were much harsher than they are in Toronto, where I now live. We had more snow, which was fun as a kid. I used to skate, toboggan, and jump in snow banks.

As I’ve aged, I’ve grown a thicker skin (metaphorically), but the physical reality is the exact opposite. I wear a hat in the house four to six months of the year. If there is one thing I loathe, it’s having my head cold. I also don’t like being touched on the top of my head. It gives me the shivers like the cold does, so the hat keeps me warm and prevents anyone from patting my head.

Along with the hat, I wear little socks that resemble slippers, and I have a cup of tea beside me all day, which I repeatedly reheat if I don’t drink it quickly enough. It’s not that I can’t afford heating. The truth is I feel the cold acutely and find it difficult to think unless my entire body is warm. Someone coined the term “brain freeze” for me, I’m sure of it.

Canada is a country of four seasons. I love the heat. I hate the cold. I used to think I had to suffer through winter to appreciate the summer, but no …

Seriously, no.

I would appreciate and love summer even if it were 365 days of the year.

This circles me back to Foreigner and “Cold as Ice,” a song about a love affair with a woman, written by a man. He considers her cold as ice because she sacrifices love for money, prefers gold and riches to a fortune in warm feelings from him. He says to her, someday, she will pay the price for wanting paradise.

I would too if paradise was somewhere hot. 😉

I used to like that song, but I listened to it last week while in my car at below freezing temperatures, waiting for the seat warmers to kick in. That was following an ice storm during Christmas, and before the freezing rain which recently hit. “Cold” and “ice” were not two words I wanted to hear.

So … I decided to do a quick re-write of the song.


I’m as cold as ice
I’m not willing to sacrifice my hat
I never take it off
But someday it will be spring
I know

I’ve seen it before
It happens all the time
I’m closing the door
To leave the cold behind
I’m wearing my socks
My big sweater too
I look out my window
And wish for the sun

I’m as cold as ice
I’m not willing to sacrifice my hat
I never take it off
But someday it will be spring
I know …


Brrrr. Now enjoy the real lyrics, stay warm everyone,



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16 responses to “Music Monday accompanied by a rant ~ Cold as Ice

  1. John Dolan

    Aww. I almost feel guilty now being in Thailand. Almost 😉


  2. I am the, forgive me, the polar opposite of you. I hate the heat and get cranky when I’m hot (May-Aug). The only reason I own a winter coat is several years ago a woman bought one for me b/c she couldn’t accept that I didn’t own one. I live in NJ so it gets below freezing which is when I wear it. Freezing here is 32 Fahrenheit, which is an Austrian word for celsius-schmelsius. And I rather enjoy being touched on the head. Make of that what you will.


  3. I’ve never tolerated the cold very well, even less now. Just ran the snowblower and shoveled. Big time fun.

    I’m done with winter.


  4. This Albertan (who is sick of shovelling snow), loved your re-write of Foreigner’s lyrics and can definitely relate to your “rant”. Its only the beginning of January and I’m done (DONE!) with winter. Stay warm, my fellow Canuck.


    • Diane,
      So lovely to meet you here on my blog, fellow Canuck. I knew we were due for a cold and long winter, given the past few years have been quite mild. I agree, we may not have seen the worst of it yet.

      Appreciate connecting with you,


  5. I prefer your rewrite!

    We’re opposites that way…. I love the winter, can’t stand the heat.


  6. I’m with you, my lovely – give me sunshine or give me ‘ranting!’ Today, it’s clear and sunny outside. Yesterday, it rained most of the day… Love my native Tennessee, but I gotta get back to the Sea and Sun! Sure don’t like you being cold! xox


  7. Wow! I’ve not read this post before.
    Why on Earth would someone pat you on the head? You’re not 5 years old anymore. People need to stop that.
    I hate winter as well. And I’m not in Canada and I wish I had seat warmers in my car.
    I love your rewrite of the song. It’s perfect! 🙂


    • Hi Casey, wow, this is a year old + blog. Nice to see you here 😉 Yeah, there is only one person who likes to pat me on the head (she’s older and I know it’s a gesture of endearment so I let her, even though I cringe).



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