Music Mondays and The Tide is High

Over the next weeks, I will feature songs that hint at my current mystery novel. The clues have to do with setting, characters, and plot.

The Paragons was the name of a band from Kingston, Jamaica. Their most famous track “The Tide Is High”, was written by band member, John Holt, later remade by Blondie in 1980.

Music drives my writing so it’s a great way to share the inspiration of my work with you.

If you want to read the other genres I write in: erotica/romance, flash fiction, and other short stories, I’d love if you pick up a copy of any of my books.

Have a wonderful week,



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22 responses to “Music Mondays and The Tide is High

  1. I had no idea Blondie wasn’t the first to record that song. Now I know how my kids feel when I tell them half the tracks on the hip-hop music they listen to came from someone else first…


  2. Love your writing, admire your dignity, inspired by your work ethic – that stick-in-your-head awful song? not so much. Keep Calm and Chive On


  3. justinbog

    My tweet was meant to be ironic hehe — love Blondie too . . .


  4. Great way to tease your fans Eden! Love it!! I’m going to guess that this might have something to do with location 🙂 I’ll likely be wrong, but there’s no fun in not guessing!!


  5. M.Lee

    I haven’t heard the original rendition of The Tide is High from the Paragons before your post. Thanks for sharing. I am looking toward to the upcoming hints for your mystery.


  6. Holy 3,000 Volts of Holt !


  7. Prefer the Blondie version; well, prefer Debbie Harry, actually 😉


  8. ‘Electrifying!’
    Just discovered two weeks of blogs had gone to ‘spam’ for some reason – 1700 + – Don’t know how it happened! So, can’t get thru them all and starting fresh, ‘My Girl!’ xox


  9. I have heard of Blondie before… but not the Paragons!


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