My Author Interview Series gets a Makeover

Inside the Author’s Mind was an interview series I started Dec. 10, 2010 to highlight indie authors and their work. It also provided insight into different writers’ minds.

It’s been one of my most popular posts and is run on Fridays.

I’m streamlining the series to give it a fresh look. The questions will focus on the author as a person, while providing a platform to sell their work. I realize how important it is for writers to make connections via the networks, and the interview format is a great way to do it.

As I’m moving into the genre of psychological mystery/thriller with my new book, I invite authors of this genre to be interviewed. Feel free to leave a comment with your contact information if you wish to participate.

Of course, I will continue to feature writers of all genres, as I’ve done from the beginning. I will contact them directly.

Since this is a makeover, I thought it would be nice to give the series a new name. I’d like to introduce:

eden’s exchange

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Like a conversation …

the conversation

No, not THAT type of conversation!

More like this, by the fireplace, an exchange of ideas … fun, relaxed, and informative. We can even roast marshmallows if you like. 😉

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 6.52.33 PM

Photo courtesy of SquarEstate

Look for the new format next month, and feel free to visit previous years’ interviews. It’s been a privilege to interview these wonderful writers, and I encourage you to connect to them.

Interviews of: 2010/2011 | 2012 | 2013



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21 responses to “My Author Interview Series gets a Makeover

  1. Love Gene Hackman – can’t wait to read your new series. Maybe you can make a French connection


  2. I saw your tweet about mystery/thriller authors. I’d love to be featured at your blog! You can check out my geocaching mystery at Amazon. 87 reviews, most 5-stars. CACHE a PREDATOR.

    Michelle Weidenbenner


  3. I would be interested as well. Thanks!!!


  4. Hello Eden, looks very interesting, and I’d love to be interviewed if you think I’d be suitable, my two books here: ROCK’N’ROLL SUICIDE and DOPPELGANGER


  5. Great setting! Of course, I’m not eligible, correct? 🙂 Looks great, ‘My Girl!’ xox (Incidentally, the ‘like’ button was not working – likely my dumb laptop and the snow.)


  6. I look forward to where you’re taking it!


  7. Hi Eden-

    I came your way by the always amazing Tim Dittmer, who just did a reblog for you. You may already be tapped out on authors for interviews, but I thought I’d take a chance and express my interest. My first book “Beneath the Satin Gloves” falls into this genre you’re highlighting.

    Here’s the Goodreads link in case you want to check it out, along with some solid reviews.

    Thanks so much, Eden! : )


  8. Pingback: Read an Exchange with author @MWeidenbenner1 |

  9. Hi there – I have a new thriller series I just launched – Book #1 is called THE HUNT FOR XANADU and I’d love to inquire about working with you for an interview. Really great reading your post. please feel free to contact me at


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