Music Monday ~ Every Breath You Take

I love this live version of “Every Breath you Take.” Sting performs here in Berlin with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, saxophonist Branford Marsalis, and a host of incredible musicians. If you’ve never imagined this song with a symphonic arrangement, then please have a listen. The song begins at 28:41.

It will take your breath away.

Enjoy and have a lovely week,



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13 responses to “Music Monday ~ Every Breath You Take

  1. I’m convinced you choose music that loops in your head and prevents sleep.


  2. I got to see Sting in concert here. He was even better than you’d think he would be. Have a good week. 🙂


    • Hi Tim, I saw the Police, and they were excellent too. Sting is a consummate musician and performer, so I have no doubt he is terrific whenever he performs. Thanks for commenting Tim, and have a great week too.

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  3. A consummate professional musician, songwriter and singer, who collaborates widely with a variety of musicians and musical groups. I always thought that if a song is good enough, it can be scored for and played by a full orchestra and this is one of many he wrote that is just that. Good find, Eden.


  4. Terry Sulley

    Very beautiful!

    There is a Canadian artist, Amelia Curran, who I happened to hear a couple of years ago on a podcast. She was performing with the Nova Scotia Symphony Orchestra, a CBC thing. I was hooked. Problem is, her other stuff is not nearly as inspiring as what I’d heard. I have contacted CBC and Amelia to try and track it down. Amelia actually eventually contacted me on Facebook to tell me even she doesn’t have a copy. CBC was horrid to even speak to. Never have been able to get it.

    My point? Orchestras add such a beautiful dimension!


    • Terry! I’ve never heard of Amelia Curran (I guess I can thank the CBC for that! ) Yes, orchestra can add a brand new layer to a song – and Sting’s songs really shine with it. With this particular song, I loved the strings and Marsalis’ sax … that high wail at just the right intervals … divine. Thanks for commenting, and let’s get together soon, ok?



  5. I remember that song when I was a child; only later as a teen did I really get the stalker sort of angle to it.

    I remember a concert special he did from his vineyard for a few hundred people with a number of world musicians, reworking his music in a different way. The concert was on the evening of September 11th, 2001. It gave a totally different atmosphere to the occasion.


    • I’ve heard the ‘stalker’ angle, but I never got that from this song. I suppose I feel love can be intense, and not in a stalker way, which slants that intensity in the wrong direction and makes it seem sordid.

      I didn’t know about the 9/11 concert … thanks William for commenting 😉


  6. John Dolan

    Why do all guys from the North East of England have great voices? 😉


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