Music Monday with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

I went to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in concert last week. Noel, along with his brother, Liam formed the band Oasis in 1991. They achieved huge success until they split up in 2009, both going on to form their own bands. I liked Oasis and always considered Noel the more talented of the two brothers. He was the lead guitar player and songwriter of the band, with a voice deeper and richer than Liam’s.

The concert featured a couple of Oasis songs, and music from Noel’s latest album, Chasing Yesterday. I enjoyed the show, though felt it lacked for good sound dynamics. I don’t mind loud music, but not when everything is played at the same volume. I’m a fan of guitar and vocals up front, but too many songs were overpowered by the kick drum. With all the instruments playing at full blast, the subtlety and texture of the music got lost.

Still, it was a good time and there really is no substitute for seeing music live. As usual, Noel Gallagher was pompous and foul-mouthed, but hey, he’s from Manchester and there’s something tongue in cheek about his humour that makes me like him. You’ll see it in his videos too.

“Ballad of the Mighty I” is one of the hits from his new album.

Hope you enjoy and have a super week, 🙂



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10 responses to “Music Monday with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

  1. raymondbolton

    In the mid/late 1990s, I produced a series of benefit concerts. Through them, I learned to appreciate the value of a good sound technician.


    • Absolutely Ray,
      The show was in a mid-sized concert hall, and the sound was probably amped for a stadium. Loud is not better if everything blends into one big noise, right?

      Thanks for commenting, hon. Another interesting tidbit about you emerges! xo


  2. A few drum runs are nice but they do get in the way of a good axe rip


  3. Don’t know enough to comment except to say, I want the ballad back! 🙂 (Eye doctor this early afternoon – keeping my fingers crossed — right eye still blurry!) xox


  4. Lance

    I’m jealous. I’m a huge Noel fan. I had Oasis tickets twice in the 1990s and they canceled both shows due to his brother being an idiot.

    I listen to Noel a lot and think he’s brilliant.

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    • Ha Lance, that could explain why Liam and Beady Eye are already down the toilet! Yeah, Noel is quite the performer and he’s got personality and witty rapport with the audience, AND he shows up ON TIME. The sound tech could’ve definitely been better but still a good show overall,

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  5. I know I’ve heard the band’s music on the radio from time to time, but I never got into Oasis. I knew of the split- I didn’t know either of the brothers were still in the business.

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