Music Monday and Alan Wilson from Canned Heat

Last week, I blogged about Jim Morrison from The Doors. He passed away at age 27.

Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson died shortly before him at the same age. Co-founder, leader, and primary composer for the American blues band Canned Heat, he played guitar, harmonica, and sang. I featured him once before for his harmonica virtuosity as he’s one of my favorite blues harp players.

Enjoy “Going up the Country” from a unique voice, sadly, gone too soon.

Alan Wilson passed away  September 3, 1970.


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8 responses to “Music Monday and Alan Wilson from Canned Heat

  1. All the talent, gone so early. Makes me think about things.

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  2. Bright lights burn briefly and are gone in a moment.

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  3. As a mere 20 year old on that date, I was nonetheless all too aware of the carnage that the flower (and drug) powered 60’s had wreaked on many creative talents, not least Morrison and Wilson. One album that stays with me always, is James Taylor’s ‘Sweet Baby James’, which was bought for me by an American girlfriend at the time of its release (1970), and which contains references in several of his songs to the sadness of lives wasted in this period. I’d call the early 70’s a big hangover of the heady 60’s.

    This Canned Heat track is memorable, not least of all for Wilson’s distinctive voice, but not as much so for me as “On The Road Again” and his blues harp playing.

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  4. Thanks for commenting John. So true… I’m featuring artists who died too young at the age of 27 — amazing number of them did. As for “On the Road Again”, I featured that one too a couple of years back (almost to the day) when I was taking the blues harp lessons. Great song to play 😉



  5. Hi Eden – thanks for featuring Canned Heat on your blog! I’ve shared your post on my Google+ page dedicated to all things Alan/Canned Heat, and hope your readers will also have time to visit Alan’s sites at and Have a great day and don’t forget to boogie!!

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