NEW books for the Lei Crime Series on @Kindleworlds #LeiCrimeKW

lei crime kw oct 2

Please welcome the latest books to join author Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Kindle World! If you’re not familiar with the series, read about it on Toby’s website. I’ve written two novellas for this series and intend to write more in future launches. You can too!

Many of the new stories that join the growing list of Toby’s Kindle World are already available. You can find them along with all the books for the series on Amazon US.

kw oct 1

Hit the title for the individual book on Amazon.

Dead Flow by Malcolm Aylward

Hoaka Moonshine by Laurie Hanan

Rocky Bluff  by Kim Hornsby

Unforeseen Danger by Patricia Logan

Of Rainbows and Butterfly Wings by Ron Logan

Revenge Makes it Sweeter by Julie Gilbert

Coconut Island by J.L. Oakley

Tough Choices by Terry Ambrose

Ti Leaves and Mooncakes by A.J. Llwewllyn

* * *

Congratulations to all the new authors joining the Lei Crime series Kindle World!

In the meantime, I’m writing A Fragile Truce, book two of Dr. Kate Hampton’s trilogy. If you’d like to learn of my upcoming releases and giveaways, please add your name to my list by subscribing below. Easy!

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