Music Monday moves with @NinaSimoneMusic

We just got hit with another snowfall, and this song makes me wish for that elusive sun.

Despite the cold, I’m keeping hot and in shape by attending yoga classes. Hope you’re staying warm too!

Have a great week and feel free to move along to Nina Simone’s remixed version of “Here Comes the Sun.”



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10 responses to “Music Monday moves with @NinaSimoneMusic

  1. it’s all right…little darlin’

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  2. Larry Enright

    Thanks for the sunshine, we can use it!

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  3. suenador

    Just when we thought winter was over…but “It’s all right.” We’ll appreciate the sun and warmth even more when it comes…Happy Monday! xo

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  4. I didn’t know she did a version of that. You’ve got to love Nina.

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  5. I’ve never heard this version before – thanks for sharing. And yeah, this winter is taking its sweet time exiting.

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    • I have this album and it’s great. At first, it seemed almost sacrilege to remix anything of Nina’s, but it is her voice — just set to a more upbeat tempo. Thanks for your comment NocturnalTwins. Hope you’re well. xo


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