Music Monday moves with @JTimberlake

Spring has sprung. Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny day. I walked out of my hot yoga class without a coat for the first time this year!

I’m continuing with songs that make me move. In my Hot Body Tone yoga class, we start each workout with this song.

Four and a half minutes of squats. Lots of squats. With weights.

I like Justin Timberlake, and this song has grown on me since I’ve heard it twice every week for almost three months now.

Here’s “Not a Bad Thing” to start off your week. Have a great one and let’s hope the weather stays warm. 😉




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6 responses to “Music Monday moves with @JTimberlake

  1. He is such a talented musician – love his work ❤

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  2. I’m feeling inspired and will do some squats today. I’ll use a bag of rice as weight.

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  3. Spring finally showed itself here too.

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