Music Monday moves with @Pink

May is supposed to be the month of summer, which means lots of fun in the sun.

Although … yesterday, we had frost, snow, and hail all before noon!

We’ve had ever-changing weather. Hopefully, warmer temperatures prevail.

This upbeat song by P!nk is part of my weekly Body Tone yoga regime. It makes me move and it’s sure to make you move too.

Enjoy and have a great week!




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10 responses to “Music Monday moves with @Pink

  1. I heard Pink sing a cappella when she was a rising star. She’s my favorite pop star and I love her voice. She is also well regarded in the industry for her talent. You picked a good one, there EB. Now if you could just see the angel in Lara Fabian we could become fast friends.

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  2. I have to say you have a very wide taste of music.

    And yeah, yesterday’s weather was strange. I had changed to my summer tires already and cringed when I saw all those ice pellets hitting my car as I was driving.

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    • This is not usually my “go-to” music but in all the years I’ve had my blog, I’ve always gravitated toward the classic and familiar. I’m a hard rock, jazz, blues person, but I think this music is great for a workout.

      Thanks for the comment! And yeah … the weather … Blergh.


  3. suenador

    I have long been fascinated by Pink. She just exudes confidence, and is so gutsy. And what a great tune for body toning – those countdowns! I covet those flat abs! Another great start to Monday! xo

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  4. I haven’t heard anything by her in awhile.

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