Music Monday moves with John Lennon

I’m still in NYC and the other night, I watched a biography about David Geffen. He is a business magnate, producer, and film studio executive. It was his record company that produced Double Fantasy, John Lennon’s last album.

I have read that Double Fantasy was not well received initially, that it was a step back by an artist who had already retired. Of course, fate intervened.

The record released November 17, 1980, less than a month before John Lennon was killed.

NYC will always connect me with John Lennon, and among the noise and turbulence of the past week, both here and in the rest of the world, I’m slowing it down, as I imagine Lennon would have when he wrote this song.

Enjoy and have a peaceful week,




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6 responses to “Music Monday moves with John Lennon

  1. The circumstances end up giving the album more of a poignancy than it might well have other gotten.

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    • Yes, that’s true William. It’s hard to separate the death of John Lennon from this album, as they happened so close together. Despite that it may not have been well received initially, I think history will see that he was an incredible artist, who accomplished more in 35 years than many do in a lifetime.


  2. suenador

    Such a mesmerizing song, and probably years since I’ve heard it – a great choice for this week. What a legacy, and a chilling reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye. I hope you are enjoying every second of NYC! xo

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    • Hi Sue! Back now, and with my late response, you can tell it was a busy crazy trip, but NYC would not be the same if it wasn’t! Hope you’re enjoying this heatwave xo


  3. I haven’t heard this song in ages and almost forgotten how beautiful the lyrics are. I’m gonna go out and watch some wheels go round and round on this beautiful Tuesday.

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