Music Monday moves with Simon and Garfunkel

I’ve visited NYC for years, mainly to see family. After my grandma passed away in December, the city became a sadder place for me.

It was inevitable, but even though I had prepared for it, I could not know how I would feel until I returned to NYC for the first time since my grandma’s funeral.

It was a different kind of trip but a special one in many ways.

I flew in with my husband, and as usual, we visited old haunts, listened to live music, and met with friends and family. And as usual, there was not enough time to see everyone we had hoped to see.

What was different, however, was our return home. We hitched a ride back with my uncle and aunts. They were coming to spend time with the Canadian side of the family, namely my mom and my other aunt and cousins.

As the moon sat high in the sky, we packed up the car and set off at 4 AM for the nine-hour trip to Toronto. With little to no traffic, we took pleasure in the foggy terrain as we drove out of NYC and watched the sun rise. During the drive, we played the music of three artists: Simon and Garfunkel; Jim Croce; and The Doors.

“The Only Living Boy in New York” is one of the songs that will now forever remind me of that road trip.

Enjoy and I hope you have a great week.




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15 responses to “Music Monday moves with Simon and Garfunkel

  1. Tagged as poignant in my head. Thank you

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  2. I didn’t think it would be possible to survive a 9 hour ride listening to just 3 artists. I remember reading about this song. Paul Simon wrote it when Art Garfunkel was off to start a movie career. I think they broke up shortly afterwards. It’s a very poignant song.

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    • Hi Matt, we actually didn’t listen to music for most of it. We were talking for a lot of the trip and only put on the music toward the end. Besides, my aunt did not have many albums I wanted to hear. These were the best of the lot, and it’s a good thing they were artists I liked. 🙂


  3. suenador

    Welcome back Eden! I imagine how bittersweet this trip was for you since your grandma’s passing, but hopefully her memory was even stronger during your visit. This is a beautiful S&G song. Is Jim Croce next up…? Now, that would really bring me back xo

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  4. Oh I’ve always loved this song and what a great tune to listen to as you left NYC. I’m so glad your trip went well, especially as it was your first one since the passing of your grandmother. Some sadness perhaps but new memories of happiness, I hope.

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