Music Monday moves with The Boxer

Last week, I featured Simon and Garfunkel and realized how much I love their music. I’ll continue with them for the month of August.

I’ve always enjoyed the melody of this song and listening closely to the lyrics made me appreciate it even more.

“The Boxer” is written from two points of view. It starts with a first person lament on the struggles of loneliness and poverty in New York City before it switches to third person for the final verse. In that verse, it speaks about a boxer who perseveres.

On June 3, 2016 in California, news of the passing of Muhammad Ali broke during Simon’s concert. Simon paused singing partway through “The Boxer” to make the sad announcement to the audience. He then finished the song with these poignant lyrics.

In the clearing stands a boxer,
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev’ry glove that laid him down
And cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame,
“I am leaving, I am leaving.”
But the fighter still remains

It’s a melancholy song, but I find it ends on an uplifting note.

Wishing you a bright week ahead,




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12 responses to “Music Monday moves with The Boxer

  1. Dennis

    Eden, I played the song often in my days as a minstrel! It’s a haunting melody combined wit equally haunting lyrics! Thank for your post!



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  2. Dennis

    E, just shared this on Facebook! Keep working girl! Wish I had your energy! Love,



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    • Dennis, lovely man, how are you? Hope you have continuous power and no outages of late. Thank you for sharing about your days as a minstrel and on Facebook, much appreciated. xo


  3. fbgrayson

    Hi Eden, Fiona here from The Community of WE Women Evolved. I haven’t forgotten to write something I’m passionate about to post on your site. I would prefer to do that once I’ve launched which is still in train. I have determined that I’d rather launch with some quality meat in it, so have decided to aim to launch befire xmas. I work full-time, and building a website is far more time consuming than I ever anticipated. I’m sure you have experience with that.I’m hoping your still keen to answer those interview questions I sent you. I realise you’ve been away and very busy but I would absolutely love for you to be one of my inspirational women.I hope you are well and kicking ass with book sales. Speak soon. Warm regardsFiona XSent from my Huawei Mobile

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    • Hi Fiona, yes, I suspected the site was not launching as yet. Agree it’s best not to rush it. Better to get everything prepped to your satisfaction before you do.

      I am ABSOLUTELY keen on your questions and owe you a HUGE apology for being so tardy. Summer is always a tough time with writing and promo and travel, but you are on the radar, and I am HONOURED you asked me for my input.

      You know I’m serious when I use a lot of capitalization in my text! I’m going to make time to read and respond to emails and interviews this week and you are on the list. Thank you for nudging me. I truly appreciate it. xox


  4. Paul Simon is one of the greatest songwriters ever. Good choice for a Monday, Eden. As usual, you have fabulous taste in music. Thanks for reminding me of this song. Perseverance…yep.

    Have a great week, lovey! xoxo

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  5. suenador

    Eden, great decision to focus on S and G this month. They have been off my radar for some time but listening to this song made me realize how much I missed them. This song, in particular, is so soulful. I listened twice, once was not enough. Exquisite poetry. Thank you. xo

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  6. You really post some great music here. Thanks for sharing that tidbit about Paul Simon’s concert.

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