Music Monday moves with #summer songs #PrettyFlamingo

A couple of weeks ago, I rode a pretty flamingo on water.

Yes, you read that right.

Some people thought it was a swan, but I’m pretty sure it was a pink flamingo!

It’s all part of the fun of summertime. 🙂

Photo by D. Hall

Photo by D. Hall

Let’s hope the heat continues a bit longer before fall descends upon us.

Have a wonderful, warm week and enjoy “Pretty Flamingo” by Manfred Mann,




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14 responses to “Music Monday moves with #summer songs #PrettyFlamingo

  1. You look fabulous on that flamingo. I want one, too, now 🙂
    Great to see you having a good time ❤

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  2. Looks like you were enjoying yourself!

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  3. You make that bird look good!

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  4. This is the best. You’re the best. Hell, the flamingo is the best! xo

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  5. What a beautiful smile. You shine.

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  6. suenador

    LOVE IT. You are beyond adorable on that pink flamingo. And what a great way to ride out the summer! I have lots of great visual memories of Summer 2016 but your photo tops them all!

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  7. And the matching bathing suit!!! What a fabulous photo, Eden!

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